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  1. snowcamoman

    Ice fishing rods lost off Denali Highway

    A friend lost a Kolpin gunboot full of ice fishing rods and reels yesterday off the Denali Highway towards the Cantwell side. If anyone knows about these, please message me and I can have him identify or call whoever found them. Thank you Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  2. snowcamoman

    FloScan or similar on older 75 HP Outboard

    Anyone here have a Floscan or similar fuel flow meter on an older 2 stroke 75 HP or similar motor with a jet? I have a couple of really long (to me) river trips and am thinking that this type of meter might help get the most range per gallon. I appreciate any input and pointers, they look fairly...
  3. snowcamoman

    177 Ram killed in Upper Chitina Area

    I spoke to a guide today who mentioned a 177 ram that was taken out of the Upper Chitina area last year....not in the park. If anybody knows the story, I'd like to hear it. He wasn't guided either.
  4. snowcamoman

    Light Rifle Barrels

    I'm working on a list of components for a really light mountain rifle and the barrel keeps tripping me up. What barrels are custom builders using to get a sub 5 pound rifle in stainless? Krieger for example says a minimum #5 for a .30 caliber. If I go with a CM barrel, I can get it down to 2...
  5. snowcamoman

    Boat Planing Issues

    I have a 16' Sprint Marine boat that started life as one that had an inboard 115HP inboard OMC Turbojet. I purchased the boat after it had been converted to an outboard with a 50HP Johnson. The boat worked fine and did not have a tunnel on it. The boat hull has a semi-V hull design. I wanted to...
  6. snowcamoman

    New Plastic Boots Question

    I'm looking at a sheep hunt this year and was initially planning to use my Simms waders and wading boots to hike in and then stash them after the many creek crossings needed. While I don't mind doing this, I don't necessarily want to carry my 5 pounds of leather boots in my pack while I'm...
  7. snowcamoman

    Predator Calling Gear

    I'm selling quite a bit of my "extra" predator calling stuff that I just don't use anymore. FoxPro caller, camo stuff, bipods...etc. PM me if you're looking for something and I'll see if I can help you out. This should probably be in the classifieds, but this forum gets more predator specific...
  8. snowcamoman

    Lay Z Boy Critter Calling?

    How many of you guys out calling simply throw the FoxPro out on the hood and sit back in the truck? I saw two different trucks doing this this weekend.....I gotta wonder how successful this strategy is? Having to get out of the truck if something is called in and then get off the road to legally...
  9. snowcamoman

    Rod Storage

    What does everyone put their ice rod and reels in for long trips across bumpy terrain? I have a small rifle case with padding that works alright for holding 3 rods with reels on them (2 bait casters, 1 spinning) and another couple bare rods without reels. I like this setup, but am wanting...
  10. snowcamoman

    Cold Winter Blues

    It's really been a cold December and January here in the interior and other parts of the state it looks like. My predator hunting trips have been really low the past two months. I was just interested if anybody has been out and about in the extreme weather lately calling any critters? I'm ready...
  11. snowcamoman

    Almost stranded

    I was out predator calling a couple weeks ago and on my way back, my skandic LT started to act up. When I would go to give the machine power while cruising along, the thing would slip. It was almost as if a gear wasn't engaging, or the feeling of the track slipping on something. I stopped and...
  12. snowcamoman

    Ice Fishing Gear Questions

    I'm looking at getting "serious" about chasing after lakers and would like to pick the brains of some of you veteran laker guys & gals. For electronics, I'm looking at possibly the Marcum LX-7, Showdown 5.6, or Vexilar FL22-HD. If anybody has used these, please let me know the pros and cons of...
  13. snowcamoman

    Painting Outboard Jet

    Can anybody recommend a good, durable paint to use on an Outboard jet? I simply want to take a standard "red" colored model and make it black. I appreciate any tips, thanks.
  14. snowcamoman

    Buddy's Valdez Leading Halibut

    A friend of mine took the lead in the Valdez derby with this 335.7 pound halibut on his own 24 ft. boat. I'm impressed they got that goliath on the boat.
  15. snowcamoman

    Toughest Bead Coating

    What have you found to be the most durable, toughest clear coat for beads? I have a bunch painted and mottled, just haven't put a final clear coat on them yet. Thanks.
  16. snowcamoman

    How Close have you called one in?

    How close have you had an animal come to you while out predator calling? I haven't had any walk on me, but at times I could almost swear they were going to step on me from behind. I had a coyote walk within 7 paces of me last week. The sad thing was my rifle was pointed the other direction and...
  17. snowcamoman

    Predator Ride

    I was curious what everybody uses to get to predators (besides trucks and the highway)? Here's what I'm using and how it's set up. Note the FoxPro CS-24, seat, and Bi-pod are all held on with one, very easy to use cam-lock strap? From the second I stop the machine, it's a silent effort to grab...
  18. snowcamoman

    Sometimes They Don't Win!!!!

    Here's a follow up story to my hunting trip from Saturday, where the predators won and I lost. Today it didn't work out that way for the ol' wily coyote. I knew I had to use different tactics, since it was only 3 days since I spooked out that nice coyote Saturday afternoon. I hiked in a long...
  19. snowcamoman

    Crazy Day

    Took a friend and his son out calling today. They have never been out calling and had wanted to go, so I told them I'd be happy to take them out and see if we could call in something. As we're driving, I spot this coyote in a small creek just standing there. I told my friend to pull over down...
  20. snowcamoman

    Sometimes They Win

    I checked out a new area today and the predators showed me who was the boss. First stand of the day, I had a nice Red Fox come flying from my left at mach 9 towards the caller & decoy (CS-24 & Homemade feather/fur decoy on wire). He was on a mission, crouched low and sneaky, but moving at...

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