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  1. weber87

    PWS Deer in 2022

    Anyone know how successful Perry/Green/Naked have been as of late with the amount of pressure they get vs the high desnisty Hawkins/hitch?
  2. weber87

    Knight Island Deer/Bear

    Anyone willing to share any info on Knight Island? I tried anchoring up in Marsha a few years ago and it was hard to get very far out of the bay, real thick, a lot of impassable terrain. I was looking at the Western side. Looking at going in late September.
  3. weber87

    Prince William Sound Black Bear

    Where are people going to hunt black bear out there? We took our boat and cruised through some bays and didn't go much further than Culross. Looking for any advice.
  4. weber87

    DC608 Caribou Hunt - Gear Help and Some Questions

    I drew for DC608 in the Kenai Mountains and will be flying in late Aug/Early Sept. Planning on 5-7 days currently. Got a little info on where to go (but by all means DM me if you have suggestions). I wanted to see if anyone could provide me some insight weather/gear wise. Any tips are of course...

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