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    Well worth reading "What Really Happened to Malaysia's Missing Airplane"

    Airplanes have gone missing in Alaska, never to be found. And even though this is not about Alaska bush flying, it definitely answers the question with a truly interesting, well organized and in-depth assessment about what really happened to Malaysia's missing Boeing 777...
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    Metlakatla Beaver accident

    Preliminary NTSB report on Metlakatla fatal beaver accident
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    Help catch the driminals that slashed the tires of 87 airplanes at Merrill Field

    The Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation (AASF) was outraged by the felony vandalism that occurred at Merrill Field early in June. Very early one morning, these asswipe thugs slashed the tires of 87 aircraft parked on the Merrill ramps causing $200,000 damage. This newly formed website is...
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    Another bad crash Anyone know who's plane this is?
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    Bad news
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    Valdez Short TO & landing 4th consecutive win

    Checkout this approach and landing.
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    Interesting article regarding Alaska aviation safety

    Take a look at this article from the "Alaska Dispatch." It is kind of a followup to the Helo 1 crash article and talks about the pressures to fly in bad weather.
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    Lori Egge Sky Trekking Alaska passed away Nov. 7th

    Lori was a longtime dear friend (30 years) and an amazing adventurous woman, too young to go so soon, 53. Some of you may have crossed paths with her over the years.
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    Steller Air out of Homer is looking for a seasonal float plane pilot

    STELLER AIR SERVICE (Seasonal Floatplane Pilot - Alaska) 3361 Lampert Loop, Homer, AK 99603 SEASONAL FLOATPLANE PlLOT—ALASKA Hiring professional, enthusiastic pilot to fly floatplanes to a variety of destinations and excels at customer service. Should like to work outdoors and enjoy wildlife...
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    A first hand account of the events following the Ted Stevens crash

    Ron Duncan, the CEO and co-founder of GCI, describes his account of the weather, his search flying, and role in finding the crash site and subsequent rescue of survivors of the GCI turbine beaver crash that killed Senator Ted Stevens. This account is well worth watching and...
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    Dangerous optical illusion

    With 1,800 hours' total time, I was hired for my first charter job with an air taxi company in Fairbanks, Alaska. I had been flying for the company for several months on the day I was to fly three round-trip flights between Fairbanks and Bettles. I would be transporting three Cessna 207-loads of...
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    Cordova snow

    I hope everyone is safe there in Cordova with 18 feet of snow. With two and a half more months of the usually snowiest time of the year there still ahead I hope you're all doing ok. With all of the airplanes that are tied down in the weather along the edge of the city strip, it must be a chore...
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    Who is hiring?

    This time of year there are normally more Alaska fixed-wing flying jobs being posted on-line at various websites. Hiring seems to be lower than in previous years. Economy? Bum weather during the last two seasons? Tourism down? There are a bunch of helicopter jobs, but very few fixed-wing.
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    Flight instructor pay in Anchorage

    A friend of mine is thinking of moving to Anchorage from the lower 48 to work as a flight instructor until he acquires enough time to get an air taxi job. He mentioned that Take Flight Alaska, a flight school at Merrill Field, charges $50 per hour for a flight instructor for either flight or...

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