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    Champion 209 Blank Pistol for Dog Training $40

    Champion 209 Blank Pistol for Dog Training $40 Uses 209 primers. Several boxes of primers included. Like new condition. Asking $40 PM if interested.
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    3 Pots for PWS 2020

    The above figure is not the data that is used by ADF&G. Here is a figure of data used by the department.
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    Duck Boat with mud motor for sale on Marketplace

    Duck hunting is just around the corner. Check out the marketplace if your interested in a Devlin Design sneakbox with a 13hp mud motor. Its got everything to get you into where the ducks are. Send me a PM if your interested.
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    Sockeye Bag limit increase and 7 days per week on Fish Creek

    Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) is increasing the bag and possession limits for salmon, other than king salmon, 16 inches or greater in length to six per day and six in possession; however, no more than two salmon per day and in possession may be coho salmon, in all waters of Fish...
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    Bag limit increased on Little Su

    Palmer) - The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) is increasing the bag and possession limits for coho salmon to three per day and three in possession in the Little Susitna River. These provisions are effective 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, August 8 through 11:59 p.m. Monday, December 31, 2018...
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    Kenai Late Run Sockeye Escapement Goal Performance

    I've seen a number of posts that mention the Kenai River late run sockeye salmon escapement goal having been exceeded in recent years. The attached link provides the most recent Summary of Pacific Salmon Escapement Goals in Alaska with a Review of Escapements from 2007 to 2015. Kenai River...
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    Duck Lake water level

    Anyone been out to Duck Lake off Rabbit Slough? I'm guessing water in the lake is probably pretty low this year.
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    Commercial fishery EO's... where's the beef?

    Latest guide numbers from DNR. 319 fishing guides in 2011.
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    Record before you leave.

    Just a reminder that you must record the date and location, and the number of each species harvested on the permit. If dipping from a boat, record this information before leaving the area open to fishing. The city dock and boat ramp are outside of the area open to dipnetting, so do not wait...
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    Duck Lake water level

    Anyone been out to Duck Lake in the Palmer Hayfields recently? I'm wondering if anyone knows how the water level is this year?
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    Recruiting and Retaining Resident Sport Fishing License Buyers

    I thought this article found in F&G's employee newsletter might be of interest since this topic was discussed quite a bit under the late run sockeye thread. The article begins on pg 8-9.
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    TMA Hunt photos

    I thought I would share some photos and my TMA hunt story with you. My brother and I flew in to the base of Johnson Glacier on the 7th, landing around 3:30 and starting heading up a valley that ran on the SE side of the glacier around 4pm. We had to follow a glacier fed stream and bust brush a...

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