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  1. shotgunner2012

    Delta Jct Grouse population way down.

    I've been seeing sharptails, spruce and ruffed grouse. They eat buds all winter long so not effected by winter, the key with them is clutch survival and we did have a nice warm and dry spring. Ungulates were hit hard by the winter ice/rain/snow/ice.
  2. shotgunner2012

    Nozler Partitions/Speer Grand Slam bullets for sale 30 cal

    For sale in Fairbanks area. 220 gr Nozler Partitions .308" $50
  3. shotgunner2012

    Grumman sportboat

    We had ours stolen near MInto Flats last August/September.
  4. shotgunner2012

    Want to trade primers in Fairbanks area

    Looking for shotgun primers in Fairbanks area ..I have either large rifle or large pistol primers to trade.
  5. shotgunner2012

    Steese Highway Trails?

    Before and After Photos. The BLM spent thousands of dollars installing Geogrid on the popular hiking trail... ruined by disrespectful ATV hunters despite clear posting of signs/blocking with snow fencing. This resulted in hunters and ATVers getting a poor reputation among the general public...
  6. shotgunner2012

    Bad Tasting Mallards

    We keep the skin on the legs and breasts and grill them over an alder fire... mallards that have been on salmon eggs for a few weeks not nearly as tasty.
  7. shotgunner2012

    Stolen from Minto Flats 15 foot Squarestern Sport Canoe

    Stolen earlier this season from the Minto Flats/Tanana River area 15 foot Grumman Sport Canoe
  8. shotgunner2012

    Bear Mauling in the Glennallen Area

    We had similar experience with this sow, she absorbed 12 180gr partitions while thrashing around on the tundra before she died.
  9. shotgunner2012

    Game Bags

    I like the 6-pack TAG bags 28" X 60". They will last me a lifetime...throw in the rain barrel, then washing machine and good as new. My cotton bags lasted about 20 years, but are played out...
  10. shotgunner2012

    Layout boats

    Another option is to build a pirogue...easy, lightweight..I've built them from 12 to 16 feet. For retrieving ducks, this is the ultimate solution:
  11. shotgunner2012

    Rain jacket

    I wear commercial grade Helly Hansen for boating. I made a pair of shell mittens from an old pair of breathable waders... after seam sealing I filled the mittens with water to make sure they were 100 percent waterproof. I wear liner gloves, wool gloves, or 2 pair of polarfleece mittens under...
  12. shotgunner2012

    Quality Fairbanks Gunsmith?

    I am looking for a gunsmith in Fairbanks to recrown a rifle barrel. Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. shotgunner2012

    looking for shotgun gunsmith in Alaska

    I have a 12 gauge Citori which last year started randomly failing to fire (slight dent on primer, but not enough to ignite). I took it to Arctic Gunworks in Fairbanks. Spent $190 for "cleaning". Now in mid duck season, starting to see the same problem. I need a gunsmith who can put in new...

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