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  1. Adam

    Cabelas Guide Model 6 man tent vestibule needed

    I recently bought a 6-man Cabelas Guide Model tent but it did not have the vestibule. Any ideas on where I can get one? Thanks.
  2. Adam

    Sitka Blacktail Deer Form

    Any experienced taxidermists have a recommendation on which company puts out the best Sitka Blacktail Deer form? From what I've seen there are limited options. Thanks for your response.
  3. Adam

    Any Reports on the DM766 area access (Tat and Totat Rivers)?

    The subject line pretty much says it all. Does anyone have updated information regarding river water or ice and if ice how thick)? If the weather doesn't change significantly I'm thinking of taking my Argo and arctic oven in there. Your input is appreciated.
  4. Adam

    ISO Caribou Cape

    I'm in search of a winter caribou cape for a set of antlers I'd like to shoulder mount. I'd prefer if it was salted but will consider tanned capes as well. Please PM me if you have one or know of someone who does. Thanks.
  5. Adam

    WTB Blacktail Antlers

    Looking for a decent set of Sitka blacktail anters. I have the form and the hide and now I need a set of antlers to complete the deal. I am an apprentice taxidermist and am going to mount the deer as practice before I start advertising in the next year or two. PM me if you have something...
  6. Adam

    Hunting be the judge.

    I just came back from a sheep hunt in the Wrangells outside of McCarthy. I've got my opinions but would like to get yours. Here's what happened. After being dropped off at the strip it took us almost two days to get into the mountains where we started glassing for sheep on August 9th. Almost...
  7. Adam

    Looking to buy a floor stand

    I am looking to purchase a floor stand to put forms on. If you know of one please PM me. Much appreciated. Adam
  8. Adam

    WTB Sitka Black Tail Deer cape

    I am looking for a recently tanned (within the last year or two at the latest) or fleshed and salted Sitka black tailed deer cape. PM me if you have info. Thanks....
  9. Adam

    Black Bears in PWS

    I'll be going down to PWS June 9 - 13 to try and get my 15 year old his first. I've hunted there in previous years with good success... in May. The question is, will be bears still be available grazing beaches and hillsides then or will they be "gone". I've heard it was a late spring for...
  10. Adam

    PWS Bear Report?

    As of yesterday i heard that snow was still on the ground by water in PWS. Simply looking for confirmation of this information. We were planning on leaving this week but are thinking of waiting till mid June. Thoughts?

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