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    Best Caliber For Calling Wolves?

    I'm wanting to re barrel my 22-250 to something better suited to a dedicated wolf rifle and can't settle on a caliber. I've been looking at everything from a 243 up to a 308. What's everybody else using as a dedicated wolf calling caliber?
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    Kokopelli Packraft, any reviews or info?

    I'm looking at getting a Kokopelli Packraft to do some scouting and float hunting with. I have a PR-49 but would like something lighter and smaller for the long hikes in. Does anybody have any experience with the Kokopelli products?
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    Clipper Mac Sport 18' or Grumman 19' (Fiberglass, Kevlar or Aluminum)

    I run a bear and moose hunting outfit in a remote, rough, rocky area where the rivers have small falls and sets of un-runnable boulder gardens that must be portaged around. Most of the rivers are really just small lakes connected by 2-10 mile stretches of fast water that often have multiple sets...
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    Kaboat XL 18' Review, The Good And Bad, Freighter Better?

    I bought the Kaboat XL 18 footer to test out at my bear camp this spring. Here is a brief review: So far I have approx 65 hrs on it hauling clients, fuel, camp, bait, bears etc. I' am very impressed with the boats stability and durability. It's top speed with a 15 hp merc 2s and two guys is...
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    Saturn Kaboat 18'XL or Grumman 19' Freighter

    I am going to be hauling camp gear, hunting gear and clients on shallow rocky rivers and some small lakes connected by creeks and rivers. I am trying to decide between the Saturn Kaboat 18' XL and the Grumman 19'. The fact that the 18' Kaboat folds up for transportation is a huge plus as long as...