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  1. theultrarider

    How to clean out a fuel tank?

    My 84 gal tank in my Trophy Pro evidently has an algea issue in the tank. Had a history of water in the fuel when i bought the boat. That has been resolved. Now i plugged my pick up tube in the tank with algea and crude last weekend. Im looking for an effective and efficent way of cleaning the...
  2. theultrarider

    Electrodyne puller review

    I have owned a safe T puller for the past 10 years or so on my previous boat. For the most part was very satisfied with it and no real complaints. I got a new boat last fall and let the safe t puller go with the old boat. I opted for an electrodyne this time around after all the folks on here...
  3. theultrarider

    Kids with bearspray in Siwash bay last night

    I sure hope those kids didn't belong to anyone on here. We set up a shore camp early Friday morning for a couple that I took along shrimping for a couple of days. On the left side up on the benches overlooking the bay. Later in the evening a pair of boats pull up past us and dropped the yellow...
  4. theultrarider

    26' Osprey long cabin

    Im looking at buying a '97 26' Osprey long cabin when I get home next week. Anyone on here own one, or used to own one? Looking for any issues good or bad that could sway my decision to buy one. I've seen them around for years now and look like a great boat however I've never been on the water...