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  1. Longbow

    Cook Inlet Archery Outdoor 3D Shoot!

    When: Sunday, December 16 (Registration begins at 0930, the shoot starts at 1030). Where: Loretta French Park, Chugiak (Old Glenn Highway to Kerbow Lane - about 1/2 mile SW of Alice Maes ... look for the archery target sign at Kerbow Lane. Lunch & prizes included with fee! Hope to see...
  2. Longbow

    Outdoor 3D Shoot - SUNDAY, Nov 20th

    Cook Inlet Archers shoot is this weekend! See their webite for directions (info is a little old but location remains the same). Good fun and great people! Plus lunch - oh yeah! This is the turkey shoot - so some good prizes (by DRAWING/ NOT score -kids awarded) If you need more info email...
  3. Longbow

    Bowhunting Alaska Rag

    There use to be a magizine that came out about bowhunting in Alaska. Anyone know what happened to it?
  4. Longbow

    Cook Inlet Archers Outdoor 3D Shoot - Sunday / March 20th

    At their range in Chugiak, 0900 hours. It's going to be a beuatiful day, great folks and good eats! FYI. Lots of experience there too. Doesn't matter if you a compound shooter or traditional so if you new to the sport or area ... very...
  5. Longbow

    Hunter Ed / Firearm Safety

    Spring bear season is close to over, the kids are out of school and not much in the way of hunting going on until August. How about signing them up for and joining them in a Hunter Education course? If they’re “not ready” yet, how about sitting them down and talking to them about firearms and...