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    Coffman Cove & Whale Pass Internet

    Anyone know which company offers the fastest internet to these communities? How fast? How about satellite TV, does it work well? Thanks in advance!
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    Best Fishing?

    Of the following, which do you feel offer the best overall day to day fishing? Please rank them for me. How about other hotspots in SE Alaska? Thanks. Craig Gustavus Juneau Ketchikan Petersburg Sitka
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    Juneau to Icy Strait

    What's the boat trip like from Juneau to Icy Strait? How long and thoughts on doing this in a 21" Boston Whaler? Thanks!
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    Where To Live?

    I've been following these forums for a while and I believe this group is the perfect place to post this question. I'm a couple of years away from retirement and looking to relocate to SE Alaska. I want to live on the water and be able to have my boat in front of the house or in a marina close...