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    September silvers

    I'll be on the KP the last week of August and the first 1/2 of September this year. Which rivers on the KP offer the best shore fishing for silvers during that time frame? I'd prefer smaller water...does the Anchor, or Ninilchik take many fish? Kasilof?
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    September fishing

    I'll be in Seward (or elsewhere) from August 25th or so till Sept 15th this year. Never been up in the fall before, and I expect silvers will be my main focus. So I'm looking for ideas/areas. Seward...I expect I can expect to put a hurt on them if I do a about shore casting? The...
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    Pinks this year?

    This is an "on" year for pinks, right? Average prime time for Hope? How about in the mainstem Kenai?
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    Questions about Cordova

    I'm looking into a couple areas to spend expended amounts of time (summer) over the next couple years. Not too concerned about working, prices, housing; I just want to know about the local fishing scene:) What kind of salmon runs are available throughout the season? On the (short) road system...
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    Any specific regs for saltwater snagging?

    Hook size, #, that sort of thing? Just curious, figured I'd try some different rigging for the Seward reds this June.
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    Parks highway basics?

    So it's snowing like crazy here in MN., our worst winter since god-knows-when:) So it's a good day to do some AK research... Over the years, I've made 6 trips, all to the KP, so I'm good there...well, as good as I need to be. This year we're finally heading up to Denali, and while it'll be early...
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    Pfish in Seward

    anyone have any experience with this outfit?
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    On or off year for Hope pinks?

    Anyone? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
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    June trip Anch-Valdez-Denali

    This years trip is going to be a little less fishing, more sightseeing, June 6-17th. First few days in Seward, hopefully harvesting some reds and halibut. Then the loop above. Any waters along that route with salmon runs active then? Looks like the Gulkana runs later, but the Copper is going...
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    Combo trips from Homer vs Seward

    I've done a late July combo out of Seward and I know it's a pretty safe bet. How does Homer stack up for combos? Kings or silvers, but during June or July.
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    Early season butts

    From what I understand, the halibut bite gets better as the summer progresses, at least to a point. We had a charter on June 17 last year and while we did well, the cappy did remark that the fishing wasn't up to snuff yet. Looking at going even earlier this year, possibly a butt trip on the 7th...
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    Silvers on the Kenai mid sept?

    are there still fishable numbers in the lower river mid sept? Guides still booking?
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    Seward silvers mid sept?

    or is it too late? Are butt charters still running in Seward or Homer then?
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    Seward salmon stocking

    I thought I'd heard ADF&G had pulled the plug on chinook stocking in Seward, but I see that was wrong. Reading ADF&G's stocking report it says they putting 130+ thousand in yearly. OK, good:) So why is there no mention of the red stocking in Ressurection bay? Is that being done by someone other...
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    Insulating fish boxes

    It's 24 hrs (give or take) from getting the boxes out of the freezer storage on the peninsula to getting them back in the freezer here at home in MN. In the past, the waxed cardboard boxes (with no extra insulation or gel packs) have done a pretty good job, with just a little edge thawing, but...
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    a couple russian river questions (for next year)

    Did I hear right that the Russian opened on the 11th this year? Odd to have an opener on a weekday, isn't it? Is next years opener posted anywhere yet? As for camping, is the deal they can be reserved only 6 months in advance?
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    Bringing fish home to vac-pac

    So I finally broke down and bought a chamber vac sealer. Been wanting one of them for, oh, a couple decades:) Most of my reds will come home and get canned or smoked, so no worries there...but I have 2 butt charters lined up and hope to have a good amount to bring home. I don't want to pay for...
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    are felt soles out for the KP?

    just wondered...thanks
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    Anchor, Ninilchik on June weekends

    OK, someone must have fished down there last year. Were the king runs down substantially like they were on the Kasilof/Kenai? Any closures? Just trying to decide whether i should plan on being there on my only weekend or if the odds are likely it'll be tough again.
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    salmon in June

    be on the KP June 15-25. We'll hit the Russian for reds of course, and do a couple trips on the Kenai or Kasilof for kings, depending on which (if either) is fishing better, and halibut. I need a little feedback on other opportunites on the KP in late June.... reds in the resurrection in...