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    Black powder in Anchorage?

    Does anyone know if there's anywhere to buy real black powder in the Anchorage area now? I'm planning a trip down there in the near future. I used to pick up a few pounds at Great Northern Guns every time I was in the area but now with GNG gone and Goex out of production I'm not so optimistic...
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    Great Northern Guns

    Was sad to see that Great Northern Guns is going away. First bought guns and ammo there as a teenager in the 70's. That was a mandatory stop on my occasional trip down from Fairbanks to buy black powder. Are there going to be any retailers in Alaska selling real black powder with them gone?
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    ATV with snow plow?

    Does anyone have experience with a four or six wheeler ATV that works reasonably well with a snow plow? Primary use of the ATV would be hauling stuff around the property and snow plowing but would prefer something that would fit in the back of a pickup. Thanks!
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    Pond Liner?

    We're putting in a pond for the garden. The liner needs to be 20x20 or 20x25. Having trouble find pond lining material. We're hoping to find EPDM. Haven't had any luck finding any here in Fairbanks. Anyone know of a source? If we can find something in Anchorage that would work too...
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    AK Muzzleloader Hunts

    It's my impression that Alaska has fewer muzzleloader only hunts than most of the other states. Is this because other places have more hunting in populated areas? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense since inlines with sabot's, etc. have ballistics that aren't too far behind modern rifles...
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    Gunbroker and AK

    I've been casually browsing Gunbroker. It seems like every time I see something I might consider dropping a bid on, the seller states that they only ship to the Lower 48. Is there any room for negotiation on this? Will you get kicked off, blacklisted or cussed out if you "overlook" the no...
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    Vintage gun store in Fairbanks?

    There's a fairly new gun store in Fairbanks that I just found out about. I believe it's called "Iron & Wood Vintage Firearms." It's right next door to Frontier Outfitters. Really want to check out but have trouble getting over there during business hours. Anyone know what they have there...
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    Firearms in Canada

    Hoping to take a drive down to Skagway in the not too distant future. Planning on some camping and hiking both around Skagway and in YT and want to bring the Mossberg 500 along. It doesn't appear too complicated, just declare the gun at customs, with a completed declaration form in triplicate...
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    Lyman Recall

    Appears Lyman is recalling some black powder guns from 2017. Serial #'s A595960-A599026
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    AM 751 Questions

    I registered for the AM 751 targeted hunt here in Fairbanks earlier (have not been selected yet) According to the description of the hunt in the regulation book the hunt is restricted to bow & arrow, crossbow or muzzleloader, with proper certification for any of the above. According to the...
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    Mossberg 500?

    I'm looking for a shotgun to carry instead of a pistol, since we're planning a camping trip through the Yukon. I'm thinking a Mossberg 500, since it's light and seems to have a pretty good rep. Just want something that's cheap, light and I don't have to worry about beating up on. Looks like...
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    Dogs at Rendezvous?

    We're about to head down to Delta to check out the Muzzleloader Rendezvous. Debating whether or not to bring the dog. I can't seem find any information about rules. Has anyone here been to a rendezvous in Alaska who happens to remember if folks were bringing dogs or not? Thanks!
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    Healy River to Cody Creek

    Has anyone here taken the trail from Healy over the pass to the Wood River? I know folks have done it with horses. For now I was going to try to find where to get on the trail from a road and maybe take a day hike in that direction since we are going to have one long day to kill in Healy. Thanks.
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    Midnight Sun Muzzleloaders

    If you're a black powder enthusiast in Fairbanks come join us!
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    Any DM 789 success?

    Did anyone on here hunt DM 789 (Creamers Field, Fairbanks) and have any success this year? I drew it and thought that would be a pretty good chance to score, even for a hunter like me. Unfortunately, I still struck out. I hoped for another chance but didn't draw any muzzleloader hunts for the...
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    Condensation in cold rifles

    I was just following a thread on the traditional muzzleloaders forum about condensation on guns brought in from the cold. It seems like the general consensus there is that you should either unload the rifle or leave it cold lest condensation form in the powder charge. Any experiences with that...
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    Speed loaders and Cappers

    I'm trying to get my muzzleloader skill up for hunting next winter. On top of accuracy, I figured it would be good to be able to reload reasonably fast. I tried some speed loaders I bought from Track of the Wolf and they work great...I noticed it was mentioned in the catalog, however that...
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    GMU overlay on GPS?

    I see on the AK F&G website there is an app for overlaying the boundary of Game Management Units on a phone. Does anyone know if it's possible to put a map of a GMU on a Garmin e-trex GPS? Thanks.
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    Ski boot covers

    Does anyone here know offhand how low of temperatures ski boot covers are good for? I'm considering using skis for a draw hunt in the Fairbanks area next winter and might need something warmer than my xc touring boots if we happen to have a more typical Fairbanks winter than we did this year...
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    Cleaning in the field, etc.

    A couple of questions: I feel like I'm missing out on some shooting opportunities because of my paranoia about not being able to get home to hot running water and a warm place to dry off the gun immediately after a range session. Obviously this isn't going to work if I'm going to be out in the...