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    Found a dip net handle

    Did you lose a 10' cumings dip net handle on your way to Chitna. I found one on the morning of 7-14 at mile 105 on the Glenn Highway. If this is yours PM me.
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    Lions head

    I was at Caribou Creek today and the water level in it and the Mat are lower than I have ever seen it at this time of the year. Water levels are at the level that I most generally see in mid May I have seen that kayaks are the first to float Lions Head in the spring when the water is low so I...
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    spring bear shoot?

    I was working so I did not get to go. :( How did it go? How much fun did I miss? Are the scores posted anywhere?
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    Recurve turkey

    Went to South Dakota turkey hunting and was able to take a jake with my recurve. Weather was not the best got a lot of rain while I was there. But managed to get this one to come close enough to give me a shot. Wet turkeys don't take a very good picture. I got a complete pass though and he ran...
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    Valley Bowmen 3D shoot

    Anybody going to the shoot tomorrow night. Starts at 4:00 runs to 7:00. I will be there with my tradition bow at 4:00 if there are any other traditional guys going that want to shoot together. Here are the directions If you havnt been out we are shooting every wednesday come any time between...
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    Independence Day shoot in Soldotna?

    I have heard that there is a shoot in Soldotna in July. Does anybody have any info on this?
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    Deer in PWS

    Anybody been out deer hunting in PWS. I am going out on the 23rd to the 27th and was wondering how the deer population was.