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    Trapping Regulation changes?

    Is it just me or have the regs changed. I thought that Snowshoe hares were listed in the reg books for trapping. I can not find them in the trapping reg book and that would mean that you can only take them under a hunting license which means you cannot sell the hides. Am i correct on this?
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    Alaska Frontier Trappers Association P.O. Box 3208 Palmer, AK 99645 Alaska Trapping School “Keeping the Tradition Alive” The AFTA is holding a general trapping school in the valley on Sat. Oct. 3rd, 2015 from 8am – 5pm Admission Youth 15 & younger $50* 16 and older...
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    Looking for 550's or Sterlings

    As the title states i am looking for MB550's or some Sterlings let me know what you have and how much.
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    Alaska Frontier Trappers Association Dinner Banquet 4th Annual

    Please support your local trappers association and join us for a night of fun for the whole family. Need not be a trapper to go, plenty of prizes for men, women, and children. It is our annual Rendezvous dinner and fundraiser at Evangelo's Restaurant Saturday June 13th. Doors open at 5:30 pm. If...
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    I Learned what NOT to catch

    Well, I do not believe i have ever been so ticked off on the trap line until this happened. The MB-550 four coil is one powerful trap i must say. I am just glad the trap was an off set. The first day i did not know if it broke my finger or not, but i am glad to say it is not broken. My finger is...
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    2014-15 season pictures

    well as the title states post your pictures for the season here and lets hear the stories.
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    Alaska Frontier Trappers Association P.O. Box 3208 Palmer, AK 99645 Alaska Trapping School “Keeping the Tradition Alive” The AFTA is holding a general trapping school in the valley on Sat. Oct. 4th, 2014 from 8am – 5pm Admission Youth 15 & younger $50*...
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    Game camera to withstand the cold

    I am in need of a game camera that can withstand the cold. I have a thief out on my trap line and stole 3 marten sets out past willow. Any good recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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    Anybody doing any catching?

    Well I just thought i would like to see some pictures of peoples catches so far. All i have caught is a snowshoe in a fox snare.
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    Pretty sure there is an error in the regulation book

    In the new trapping regulation book, i am pretty sure there is an error on bag limits. If you did not notice it i will not point it out because it will give the idea it is ok to go out and trap right now when it is not. The hides of those animals are not prime and it would be a waste of a...
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    September Fox Hunting

    Do you guys go predator hunting for fox in September or wait till later in the season?
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    Pet Fox

    Who here has had one, and who would like one?
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    first batch of skulls turned out great.

    So what do you guys think?
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    yamaha kodiak 400 4X4

    So i was wondering if anybody has some information on where i can get a rear brake hose for it. I do not really want to spend the $100+ for this hose at the dealership. Thanks guys if you have any information for me.
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    223 load for predators in alaska

    Well i looked back a few years and cannot find anything that is suitable to my question. I just picked up a colt and would like to use it for predator hunting up here next fall. I remember reading awhile back that a certain bullet velocity was idea but i do not know what that is any more. If any...
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    Rendezvous Dinner Auction

    Before people stop looking at the trapping forum and start focusing on the fishing forum. I decided to post this to inform all of you that the Alaska Frontier Trappers Association, is having there 2nd annual Rendezvous Dinner Auction. Sponsorships are available for those who want to buy a whole...
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    photos on the line

    here is some photos on the line.
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    Eye Spy

    Do you guys see what is hiding in the picture?
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    Otter Stretching

    Ok, guys i fleshed out two of my otters and stretched them on some boards. I used the belly boards and let the buggers dry for a few days. Then i tried to remove them and they do not want to come off. I have used what i could of thought of as every trick in the book. dropping the boards on the...
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    Trapping association get together TONIGHT

    I dont know if this is against the rules or not of the forum but i thought i would share with everybody around the valley area. Tonight there is a AFTA dinner auction fundraiser. AFTA means Alaska Frontier Trappers Association. It is to be held at 6:30 PM Tonight at Denali Family Restaurant. Oh...