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  1. agp

    Ranger Tugs

    Does anyone out there have experience with Ranger tugs? Specifically the Ranger 21EC? They are not gonna be fast but looks like a fun ride and fuel efficient. Thanks for any info
  2. agp


    What do you think about the grouse population this season on the KP? Looking like better numbers? Happy Hunting.(tomorrow)
  3. agp

    "Hard water Canoes"

    Does anyone know what happened to Oyster? I have not seen any "Hard water canoes" or the like in the production stages this year.
  4. agp

    rudder system?

    I was wondering if anyone has tried one of the foot operated rudders usually found on kayaks. I noticed that it is now an option for some solo canoes. Does it make a huge difference when paddling alone? help to track better in wind? pros or cons, thoughts, opinions and jokes welcome!
  5. agp

    Sterling Lakes

    Has anyone had any luck hunting the lake areas for grouse? Thinking of heading up now that moose season is over and doing some fishing and hiking with a shotgun, after all, that's all hunting is until you get something!
  6. agp

    Fly rod repair

    I have an old bamboo fly rod that is missing the female ferrule. It was given to me by a friend that has since passed away and i would like to get it fixed. I do not know what size it is but it looks to be about a 4wt.(All distinct markings and lettering has worn off) Does anyone know of...
  7. agp

    Tangle Lakes

    I am starting to plan a trip up to the Tangle lake system(already thinking about next summer! Yikes!!). This will be my first adventure in that neck of the woods and I was wondering if anybody has any advice, ideas, or just some words of wisdom. Thanks!
  8. agp

    West Fork of Moose River

    I am returning to the Swan lake chain soon and a friend of my wishes to attempt the west fork of the Moose River from Camp Island lake. I have read that this passage is difficult (Kenai Canoe Trails) and from the google earth pics it does not look plesant. Has anyone taken this route? Any...

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