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    Comment deadline for statewide BOG proposals March 4th

    For those of you that are not going to Fairbanks for the Statewide Board of Game meeting, March 4th is the deadline to submit comments.
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    What new changes would you expect out of a well funded AK Fish and Game?

    With the perception that "The sky is falling" due to oil prices, and state funding dropping, it is inevitable that sooner or later hunters, resident and non-residents, will be charged more for the privilege of pursuing AK's wildlife. With this increase in contributions, what changes would you...
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    cost of a sheep tag

    1. If the cost of a sheep tag goes up, as many have suggested, will that money go directly into sheep management, or does it have the potential for buying furniture for a state representative's conference room? 2. Given that the limiting factor for sheep seems to be environmental conditions...
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    oar saddles or row saddles for a pro pioneer?

    I searched through some old threads discussing the differences between row saddles and oar saddles. But, I'm looking to find out, now that folks have had a few years to "field test them", which set up they prefer for their pro pioneers. Thanks, bbags
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    Do waterproof leather boots really exist?

    I just got back from an enjoyable but unsuccessful sheep hunt, and my boots were the weakest link in the gear category. I have a quality ($350) pair of well waxed, leather boots that have a waterproof/breathable membane. After 1 day of hiking in light rain, through wet tundra, my feet were...
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    Arctic Oven 12 tent- 10% discount

    I'm going to be buying an Arctic Oven 12 tent in the next couple of weeks. If anyone else is in the market for one of these tents, we would both receive a 10% discount. If you search the forum archives, the arctic oven tents seem to get great reviews. PM me if you are interested. Thanks
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    14' vs 15' round boat?

    I'm looking for a meat hauling, self bailing round boat, and it seems like the gold standard is the 14'. However, the 15' has an identical width, more surface area to help float loads in skinny water and has the obvious advantage of a little more space. The only obvious disadvantage is that it...
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    Lost- fly fishing pole at Deshka Launch

    Left a fly fishing pole in a rod holder case at the Deshka boat launch on June 23rd. If found, please contact Brian at 240-6542....thanks
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    Lower Unit Question

    In preparation for this upcoming boating season, I drained the lower unit gear oil from my Honda 130 outboard. The old gear oil looked ok. I injected oil into the bottom hole of the lower unit until it came out of the top hole. When I plugged the top hole, gear oil started to leak out of the...

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