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    Deep Creek Tractor Launch

    Hi all - Does anyone know the phone number for the tractor launch at Deep Creek? Also any tips on launching or things to look for or be aware of? Parking, fees, tricks of the trade? Thanks in advance!
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    What a difference an inch props

    Just got back from an incredible weekend in Seward. I took my new 21' North River Seahawk w/ 150 Yamaha out to test the new prop set up. I went from a 13-3/4 x 15 (that's what they put on my motor?!) to a new aluminum 14-1/2 x 17 three blade prop. What an incredible difference an inch or two...
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    Alumimum Boats

    I'm not new to this site but haven't posted much because of the old format. This new format is GREAT! Anyone purchase new aluminum boats this year? Got any pictures? Have a preference of one boat/motor vs. another? Anyone have any neat tricks of the trade or nifty gadgets they've installed...

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