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    Technology VS gun laws moving into the future?

    This whole recent panic we have had in the gun industry has had some interesting side effects… One has been the evolution of the ar15 market. We have seen an explosion of manufactures of parts and accessories. Another has been the explosion of the AR15 (build it yourselfer’s) Modern CNC...
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    Case Annealing

    Ive been thinking about getting into Case Annealing lately...with the recent cost and availabilty of brass.. it can't really hurt. plus i enjoy testing. Has anyone here done much of this? Do you Anneal with simply a blow torch and water pan? Do you use a drill adapter tool or do you use one...
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    Group Buy?

    I have heard rumor that (due to weight restrictions on smokeless powder) barges are only shipping powder to the big chain stores nowadays...... due to my schedule on the slope this is pretty lame, as it is becoming near impossible to replenish my supplies of favorite powders as they deplete. I...
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    Loading for a semi-auto

    Yes….I understand the definition…I've always been told that this was do mostly to improperly seated primers and with the addition of a floating pin that obeys the laws of physic's and continues to move once the bolt slams shut this can, certainly be a bad combination. The only reason I...
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    5.56/223 rifiling and bullet GR

    There is a lot of Variables at play stated before your more then likely a bit to slow a twist for the 62 grainers, due to bullet length and design...can you provide more data on the particular bullet your speaking of? ... The most common Bulk 62 grainers are FMJBT is that is what...
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    Custom Maps

    I couldn't find a thread dedicated to maps or Navigation in our great state. Recently my interest in this topic has been sparked due to the purchase of 2 new snowmachines. With the ability of covering so much ground so quickly I have started working on my own personal GIS database. I have...
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    Best Family Trails ?

    Just recently bought my first sleds. I bought 1 2013 Ski Doo expedition LE with 20” Wide track this is a Utility/Touring type and I bought it so my wife and I could ride 2 up. For my 16 year old son I bought a 2010 Ski Doo MXZ Adrenaline, This is a trail only type Sled with a short & 15” wide...

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