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  1. BluNosDav

    Info needed for Ammo Smith of Alaska .45 Colt loading?

    I have a white 50-rd box of .45 Colt ammunition loaded with 255gr SWC lead bullets, that was manufactured about ten years ago. Before firing it, I'd like to find out what velocity level it was loaded to? Is it safe for all 45 Colt revolvers, or is it loaded HEAVY for only heavy framed guns...
  2. BluNosDav

    Copper River water levels near Chitina?

    How high are the Copper River water levels around Chitina lately? Reading reports about houses washed away near Glennallen/Copperville over Memorial Day weekend! And it looks like a pretty warm weather is forecast during the first several days of June, 2022 ..... Wondering how this may affect...
  3. BluNosDav

    Nakochna River Resort - Open?

    Does anyone know if the Nakochna River Resort is still open? They posted an ad for cabin rentals and all-inclusive meal packages back in May on Alaska's List, and I spoke to them about moose hunting out there next month. But lately, they don't answer their phone or return voicemails, texts...
  4. BluNosDav

    Float-plane Tie-Down Anchors and Lines?

    Looking for advice on the best type of aircraft tie-down anchors & lines to use for a C172 float-plane? The lake has a recessed docking area that is indented from the shoreline, rectangular in shape, approximately 25 ft long X 15 ft wide X 2 ft deep. So, the airplane will float in it's own...
  5. BluNosDav

    Hudson Bay transom heights and compatible outboard shaft lengths?

    Scott (Abitibi&Co) Hudson Bay canoes appear to come with two different transom heights. Some HB transoms run flat / straight across from corner-to-corner, while others have a pronounced step-down of a few inches. The web-site lists the HB's "stern height" as 22.5", but, doesn't mention what...
  6. BluNosDav

    Which floatplane is the better "investment": Converted C182 or C185?

    Due to lack of tail-wheel experience (= more insurance $$$), I've been shopping for a Cessna 182 that's been converted to a floatplane. While there are some nice converted C182's available For Sale, the conversion process is expensive, so, the asking prices of these C182 floatplanes is in the...
  7. BluNosDav

    Importing an aircraft from Canada?

    I'm shopping for a airplane and keep seeing nice-looking ones for sale over in Canada. Are there any pitfalls to buying an aircraft "over there" and bringing it back into the USA? Thanx, Dave.
  8. BluNosDav

    Floating a Cessna 182?

    Cessna apparently never made any C182's with factory float kits. While float conversions of formerly land-only C182's are available: Is there anything included in a Cessna factory float kit, that cannot be added to an aircraft afterward? If yes, are those missing things really important...
  9. BluNosDav

    Most cost effective HP upgrade for an O-470 engine?

    If an Continental 0-470 engine was in need of an overhaul sometime soon anyway . . . . What are some cost effective power upgrades for increased performance on both land & sea? What is the increase in horsepower? And what is the approximate cost? The only one that I've heard about is the...
  10. BluNosDav

    Carburated or Fuel Injected Aircraft Engine for Alaska?

    If the exact same aircraft was available with engines of either type of fuel delivery system, which one would be better suited to flying in Alaska: carburated or fuel injected? Thanx, Dave
  11. BluNosDav

    At what point will ADF&G re-open the Chitina PU Dipnet fishery?

    Based upon this week's Miles Lake Sonar Fish Count, the minimum escapement goal of 360,000 sockeye will be exceeded today. So, at what point will ADF&G re-open the Chitina Personal Use Dipnet Fishery?
  12. BluNosDav

    Ski-Doo SWT Expedition !!!
  13. BluNosDav

    Which tailwheel aircraft that are most/least prone to groundloop?

    I understand the theoretical forces that can cause a tailwheel aircraft to swap ends on the ground. But, which particular models are the most, and the least, likely to generate these forces during normal operations? Thanx, Dave.
  14. BluNosDav

    Long-bed Camper in a Short-Bed Truck (with support mods)?

    Anybody ever mount a camper that was designed for a long-bed (8-ft) truck onto a short-bed (6.5-ft) pick-up? Not one of the super-heavy campers, with slide-outs, etc. Just a fairly lightweight long-bed model. My truck is a Chevy 2500HD crew-cab with an extra leaf spring and diesel motor, but...
  15. BluNosDav

    Klutina Road Agreement - The Final Chapter? Feel free to talk among yourselves, if that's still permitted?
  16. BluNosDav

    Steese and Elliott Highways; conditions for this 2017 Memorial Day Weekend?

    Planning to take the family & RV out to see some new country, and drive to the end of a couple roads we haven't driven before. Long range weather forecasts look pretty favorable in the central interior for the long Holiday weekend; sunny skies & daytime temps around 70*F. How are the...
  17. BluNosDav

    Boats with Prop Tunnels?

    Been researching boats with smaller motors (+/- 50hp) and some hulls have a "prop tunnel", that provides shallow(er) water performance than regular props, while not sacrificing thrust to the equivalent of 35hp, by converting the motor to a jet pump. According to some manufacturer's spec's...
  18. BluNosDav

    Damage to vehicles that sit out in extreme cold?

    I'm looking at possibly buying a commercial vehicle with a diesel engine that was originally operated in Florida for a few years. Then it was used to transport goods one-way up to Alaska. After that trip, the battery was disconnected, and it was stored in a back-lot throughout this current...
  19. BluNosDav

    Perfect Alaska power-boat that's still Kenai legal?

    Not that ALL of us spend ALL of our time on the Kenai, with it's 50hp limitation. But, ENOUGH of us spend SOME of our time on the Kenai, that it effectively frames this particular question. What type/size of boat would you choose/build that could run many other rivers around the road system...
  20. BluNosDav

    Eureka during the "OFF" season?

    Would like to do some ATV riding around Eureka when the trails are less crowded. What's it like in that area between the early/late caribou seasons (9/20 - 10/20)? Thanx, Dave.

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