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  1. Down Range

    Looking for some info on Crow Pass

    Can anybody give some insight on Crow pass trail? How much time I should alot? What should I take? Hazards? What is the best time to go? Tactics for crossing the river? Down Range Out!
  2. Down Range

    Leupold CDS

    Does anyone have any experience with these scopes? How accurate are the custom dials?
  3. Down Range

    375 H&H Bullet Seating Problems

    I'm looking for a little help here. I'm trying to load Barnes 300gr TSX into brand new Horady brass on the right and once fired Fed Brass on the left both with the same end result? Not sure what to make of this? Barnes 300gr TSX\ New Hornady Cases Trimed to 2.840 Chamfered
  4. Down Range

    Ds 102

    Looking to partner up with another lucky DS 102 Winner. Need someone reliable that I can count on and has all the necessary gear to seal the deal. I plan on flying in with 40 Mile Air on August 8th. Any Help/Info on the area would be a greatly appreciated!
  5. Down Range

    Angled or Straight

    I know this has been discused before, "I did read the past posts" but I'm about to buy a Swaro Spotter and I want to get it wright the 1st time! Some prefer Angle vs Straight why and how come? I would like to here from the Sheep Hunters and the Moose and Bear Hunters! I will be using it for...
  6. Down Range

    375 Barnes TSX Ojive

    I'm wondering if anyone has come accross this before? I bought a set of Dies "RCBS" for my 375 H&H . I set them up and went to seat the TSX 300 gr. and when I lowered the press the bullet got stuck in the bullet seat and pulled the bullet 1/2 way back out? So I called RCBS they said I would have...

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