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    POSITIVE Handgun Review. PMR 30

    Never looked at it that way , have not got a gun that way , I go to the big box stores [ 3 ] in town or get used ones off the web after there ser. # is checked out on the stolen list at the police station , how I do it , [not often ] the police were very happy to help me ,
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    POSITIVE Handgun Review. PMR 30

    The cost of shipping is the killer for Alaska an cost of the FFL use I think
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    Zodiac Capabilities in PWS?

    It has been some time ago for the rubber dingy but you can go around the world on a good day but if the wind comes up you are in trouble ,with the small motor , an time you will have to go an come back home , so most people would not go because on the equipment an gas you should have with you...
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    Scott canoe Albany motor shaft length

    PROP ??on an OMC motor the 15 & 10 hp's are the same size This I know saying that the 15 has more power RPM range is very close as I know , [ this is 2 cycle ] there has to be diff on the carb's, call up the MFG on the eng. you ordered an talk to them they want to sell so they should be...
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    Scott canoe Albany motor shaft length

    I am not sure about what you want in the canoe an motor , # 1 the larger the motor I think it will use more gas on trips , long halls, [ hunting ] # 2 because of the hull design canoes are not a speed boat , # 3 the 15 HP should be great , P.S. when you have heavy loads don't make high...
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    Trailer for 19' Grunman Freighter Canoe?

    A couple of things #1 lake Louise ? in order to make sure of getting across the lake, be there before day break an ready to go , it's the best time , # 2 There is an easy way to take off the lift so you can car top I did it for 20 years [ did not want to use a trailer] , have been down the...
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    griffon korthals any love

    Would like to see the dog bring back a moose , after it was short , great dog if the dog could do it , just kidding about the dog , do check the regs. on moose an dogs , I had a dog on most of my moose hunts , it was to tell me about the bears not the moose ,
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    found down trolling rigger

    Found down rigger for trolling send message an ID
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    A BACK SUPPORT, for the front seat of your canoe

    This will help your BACK when paddling your canoe , made by colman , clips on the seat to help with the pane , pick it up Anchorage [ Lake hood ] FRONT SEAT ONLY , sale $ 1.00 907-677-0205 . ask for SID ,
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    Back rest for A CANOE FREE

    this rest fits the front seat of a canoe clips on the front seat plastic made by Colman , FREE , PICK IT UP Anchorage AK [ lake hood ] 907-677-0205 ask for Bill,
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    Got a 10 X 20 inch out door cast iron grill LODGE is the MFG. FREE just pick up , Anchorage , [ lake hood ] or call we can set up a better time an place for you in town 907-677-0205 ,
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    Winter camping stove pipe 3 / 4 inch with acc.

    This unit was only used in the yard to season it , all good shape an used for one stove burn , Pick it up for a dollar $ 1.00 PH # 907-677-0205 Lake hood Anchorage Alaska Phone number 907-677-0205 This has the damper as well as the cap to the pipe , all set to go with your stove, this pipe is...
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    E collar control Connors bog DOG'S E COLLAR CONTROL FOUND

    Found a E collar control , Connors bog 29 Mar 2021 Call 907-677-0205 , this controls the unit on the dog neck , call
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    One half of a set of CANOE RACKS LOST / STOLEN ??

    Missing one half of a canoe rack set for a canoe, Anchorage , Mat Sue, June 4 to June 8 Anchorage / Mat- Sue any help ?? well used , Yac . is the maker PH # 677-0205 THANKS for all or any help SID
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    Lost / stolen ? one half of a canoe rack for a Truck

    Lost / stolen one half of a canoe rack , Anchorage / Mat sue June 4 to June 8 not sure on date it just turned up missing Yack , is the make- er well used , PH # 677-0205 Thanks for the help SID
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    circle hooks for red's

    I decided to give it a try this year , went looking I could ID what would be legal at the in the upper Kenia & Rus, rivers can any one point me in the right direction, for maker an size SID :proud: PS will be shopping in Anchorage
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    need a little help on hide care [ tanned]

    I have a tanned hide from 1973 that got wet a few years back , it dried out an got real stiff is there any way to make it plyable again ???? or am I just out of luck on that ,SID :proud:
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    Sierra Rifle reloading manual FREE 3 rd edition

    Sierra reloading manual, rifle, excellent shape , never used, age ???? 3 rd edition, FREE, pick it up , Anchorage, send a PM if you want it SID
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    Dip netters on the KP do read

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    UHMW on the bottom of canoes

    has any one put UHMW on the bottom of a canoe yet ?? how did it come out ? did it add add much WT to it ? how did you stop the sand an gravel om getting under the uhmw between the plastic an the hull ? if it did get there did it eat a hole in your hull ? what I know about the stuff you...

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