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    Kenai banquet

    Kenai peninsula trapper association has a banquet coming up in April. Is anybody in here attending, i myself am not a trapper but I’ve always been interested in the skills. Was thinking about going but I’m working the next day may still try and go.
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    Fur sewing hats/mittens

    I’m thinking about getting some fur hats made. I bought a hat from somebody who’s sister made one for him. I love the hat, not super fancy but it looks good and is very warm. I’ve been looking at a few locals but their work seems to be very nice and not something I would want to use every...
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    Ascend h12

    Looking at purchasing an ascend h12 anybody have any experience with one on here. Looking at positives and negatives
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    Over escapement

    Looks like the red fishing should be good I just got off the mountain and see the kenai is over escaped again and they’ve had a few thousand up in the last week.
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    Headed North Lake Louise

    Trying to put together a family trip for next week. T wife wants to catch a lake trout and the kids just want to camp and fish so we are going to head up to Lake Louise for a couple of days and we’ve never been there before. Checked the regs saw no bait and I’m swapping lures to single hooks...
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    Personal watercraft Kachemak?

    Just been watching the news and articles about removing the ban on personal watercraft in Kachemak. Does anybody have an opinion on this? I personally don’t see a problem with it. I figure somebody already has plans for a rental and your company down there. Does anybody see it being an...
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    Marsh rat boat

    Does anybody have a marsh rat, I’m looking for the pros and cons of it, starting to research layout boats. I know it’s not a classic layout but it seems to be a good hybrid. Hard to find duck boats in Alaska.
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    Hunted sea ducks earlier this week with 3 hunters, we scratched a few Sunday evening, burned our limits on Monday and then started on our puddle duck limit, and Tuesday we scratched a few more down. My buddy finally got his first Harlequin drake, and I shot my first oldsquaw. A lot of surf...
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    Modify a boat

    Ok I have a small job boat that is a riveted Lowe. It is 16’ long but only 48” wide so a very narrow boat. I currently use it very little but run a mercury 9.9 4 stroke on it and it moves just fine on the local lakes. I’m interested in turning it into a jet boat either a 25 mercury jet or a...
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    Spirit lake/elephant lake access

    I have spoken to Fish and Game and have heard that the Salamantof native association has decided to close access to the lake to the public. Fish and game is no longer going to stock the lake, but it was nice of them to let the state residents pay for a stocking program for the last 27 years. I...
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    Tripod help

    Looking to get a tripod for a small spotter but would also like to be able to use an 85mm razor as well. I’ve been looking for awhile and have a few picked out some are tripod/head combos some I would have to purchase a head still. Primary use would be for backpack hunts. I would also like to...
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    Draw hunts

    I know somebody who tried to apply today for the draw hunts and it is telling him it is closed. I also logged on and checked and I’m seeing the same thing. Anybody else seeing this today, I’m alright i applied a few days ago. I’m seeing it on their website and the radio it’s open until the...
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    End is approaching

    Managed to get out today after dropping the kiddos at school. Tried a new spot and did not realize how much time it was going to take me to get there. Shooting was slow but averaged a bird every 30 mins. Every bird that decoyed never left except for the last drake goldeneye. Ended with 4 hen...
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    Alright haven't been duck hunting a lot this year but I'm making a run for seaducks in the next week. I've managed to harvest most species commonly found down in Kachemak the last few years but I was wondering if anybody would discuss with me areas to even see eiders. I don't spend a lot of...
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    Sea ducks

    Has anybody been out of homer yet this year for sea ducks. I was wondering if any have migrated in yet.
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    Lake Creek 16b

    I'm looking at doing a short drop hunt off of lake creek looking for a bull at the end of sept and then floating out to the yentna for a pick up. Was focusing on the lower section of the river due to time constraints and being able to stay put and do some calling. I've never been in the area...
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    Lake Creek

    I was looking for first hand knowledge for a Lake Creek float. I was looking at floating the section from Quiet Lake down to the Yetna with a buddy and calling for moose. I have not been in the area so any news is helpful.
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    Lake Creek Float

    I'm searching as I type this and I'm going to continue to wade my way though the search function on here but I'm going to ask a general question that I can't find the answer for yet. I'm considering floating Lake Creek at the end of Sept for an any bull tag in 16B. Does anybody have first hand...
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    Tangle lakes

    Does anybody know the conditions for the Denali highway lakes specifically the Tangle lakes area was hoping to make a trip up next week for some fishing with my wife.
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    Butts yet

    Is anybody having any luck fishing near homer for halibut. I was thinking the bluffs or near seldovia, i don't want to go much farther.