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  1. as.ks.ak

    Caching gear...have you? Do you? Thought/concerns/ideas?

    Alright folks. I’m at a point where I’ve got a target area and the ability to cache a 16 gal water tight drum and some gear in a hunting area. It’s 8 miles in, and I’m having a tough time deciding what all to stash back in there, this is a (goat/Black bear hunting area). FYI, Water is not an...
  2. as.ks.ak


    I'd like to sell or trade my Kenia hoodless jacket. Size is XL and the pattern is VIAS. I love the jacket, I just wish I had bought the one with the hood! Worn a few times, in new condition. Asking $160, firm. Looking to trade for either a hooded version in XL, either VIAS or VERDE. Also...
  3. as.ks.ak

    Spot messengers

    Curious what guys' experience with spot messengers have been up here? I would like to go this route vs. the satellite phone route for my longer trips. Anybody have any opinions that's be GREAT. Thanks in advance! Can't shoot 'em where they ain't.
  4. as.ks.ak

    Gear modifications/ideas

    So i thought it'd be cool if we made a place where guys could share custom modifications that they have done or have made to make their gear better suite their needs. I'm currently in the brainstorming phase of a way to compress my tent down so that it doesn't take up so much freakin' room...
  5. as.ks.ak

    Fiberglass boat help

    So I was gifted an old Fiberglass boat, it has a gouge on rear corner and has been worn down up near the front where it's been run aground many times. I'm looking to do some repairs, but was hoping somebody on here had any past experience with this. I was thinking about just throwing some...
  6. as.ks.ak

    My Goat Hunt 2015

    Fair warning, I did not notch my tag. So if all you read these stories for is a kill photo, you are in for a long, boring hunting story. This is a recount of the billy who got away. I started out with an 11 mile trek back into the area I had been doing some scouting in during the summer...
  7. as.ks.ak

    SOS. Pilot bailed

    Well here's to a shot in the dark if you've ever heard of one. So I drew a moose tag, DM772. I had a buddy who I thought was quite reliable. He offered to fly me and a buddy in for this hunt in his cub. Long story short, I hadn't know the guy for long and put too much faith in the fact that I...