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  1. North61

    Outboard for a Freighter

    Good morning. After many years of using a 21 foot Scott Freighter with a surface drive motor I started using a Mackenzie Sport 18 with an outboard. It's been a while since I used an Outboard and I have had to relearn the joys of shallow water impacts and the need to work the paddle at times...
  2. North61

    Why did I wait so long? Superlight lay-ups

    Not sure why I waited so long! Am selling some heavy boats and picked up a H2O (brand) 17-6 Prospector in their brute force lay up with bang strips. This is not their lightest boat and is made from basalt and inegra with flexible resins. They call it their "crash into things" lay-up and the...
  3. North61

    New Lift

    Lifted the motor on the Clipper Mackenzie with a piece of Padouk hardwood and a few bolts. It's not quickly adjustable but it's set at 2.5" over the transom and I can replace the inner piece with larger extensions if needed to get more lift. I also added a 2x8 bench seat but I need to go...
  4. North61

    Clipper MacSport 18

    Always liked this boat. Finally own one. Thought I might share my first impressions here.
  5. North61

    Ordering a new Freighter

    I finally made a decision to spend some money on a retirement canoe. I looked at lots of different options and settled on a Mackenzie Sport 18, from Clipper. Seeing as I am no longer a spring chicken I am deciding between Kevlar or Ultralight as my lay up. 77 pounds in a Canoe that will haul...
  6. North61

    Alpacka Forager impressions

    Finally found time to take the Alpacka Forager down Miles Canyon with my lad. I love the Cargo Fly, by putting gear in the tubes you create stability and save room. This raft will carry a lot of weight but with two people aboard not much room for meat quarters. I have no doubt at all though...
  7. North61

    Alpacka Forager

    Don't see much about the Alpacka Forager. 43" wide and over 10 feet long with oversize tubes and rated for 500 pounds of load with two paddlers. Just under 14 pounds. Made of fancy Vectran and comes standard with the in tube storage system. 2018 model has more lift in the bow but I found a...
  8. North61

    Electric Cogburn

    Put a 1000 Watt BBSHD Kit on my Cogburn fat bike. Easy build and this thing has loads of torque with the Lekkie 36 tooth Bling Ring as a front chain ring. Love it. Ought to be a good caribou rig.
  9. North61

    Canoe Hunting Videos, coffee and tea fund.

    This is (I guess) advertising so if I have broke either a real or ethical rule I have no problems with this being taken down. It's also a community I have belonged to from the beginning so maybe that counts for something? For the last few years I have been monetized on YouTube. This means I...
  10. North61

    My Sons first Moose and the tale of Two Freighters.

    Well that was a busy weekend.
  11. North61

    Big Freighter and smaller canoe combo

    Lately we have been working some small lake chains that need portaging. The Scott Hudson Bay is a great boat but I am not quite up to portaging a 400 pound boat and motor combo. So we have been experimenting with ways to carry a paddling canoe on the Scott. The small canoe allows easy access...
  12. North61

    Caribou Hunting With Trailers

    This is only my second family hunting trip with Mountain Bikes but I have learned a lot and thought I would share. We have three trailers in our arsenal and all have their advantages as do the different sized bikes we take. We went up an old winter road in the Yukon about 10KM and saw no...
  13. North61

    Careful on Freezing Rivers. Tragic. Cold water is a killer.
  14. North61

    Film Festival

    looks pretty great
  15. North61

    cata canoe

    We often take two canoes on trips. Anyone have experience with lashing two canoes together and moving the contraption with a motor? Especially interested in the lashing details. If quickly detachable I can think of many trips where the motor could save time and allow for some upstream travel...
  16. North61

    The 307 Winchester

    The scarcity of ammo has resulted in some good prices on the great Winchester Big Bore AE carbines. I picked one up in 307 Winchester to play with and then couldn't find brass or loaded ammo any where in Canada. Fortunately you can't keep a good reloader down. Some folks talk about using 308...
  17. North61

    Something to paddle.

    Looking at doing some fly in trips for sheep and at some point moose and caribou. It would be my son and I, for the next 4 years then I'd likely do some solo trips as he'll be in Engineering school. I have a wrestling injury which doesn't allow me to row but I can paddle. Thinking of...
  18. North61

    Hudson Bay Brings Home The Bacon

    Pretty tired. My son and I just got home with a bunch of meat...not much time to hunt this year so I spent a lot of time on the maps and plotted out a trip that was easy for the surface drive and freighter canoe but harder for normal mortals. I also brought the Tripper paddle canoe strapped on...
  19. North61

    Bison hunting sled

    Impossible to find Ultra High Densitu Plastic here so I made a sled out of 8 foot 2x12's, an old solid hitch, high density 1/4" plastic cut into two 2x 8 foot sheets and two Teflon runners. Pretty fast and total cost under 200.00 1) The Boy uses the table saw to trim the end cap 2: Nearing...
  20. North61

    knives for caribou and lessons from the last few years.

    I used to use a folding knife for all my hunting. I got tired of difficulty cleaning them and have moved to fixed knives. As a gutless skinner I seem to like a long, thin knife over anything smaller or thicker. The long blade gives nice big sweeps and a high thin grind gives great slicing...