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    Upgrading to a chamber vac

    My food saver is beginning to fail and I decided to upgrade to a chamber vac. What are the pros and cons of different models? About the only thing I've decided on is one with an oil pump. Prices are all over the place, $200- thousands of $$. What is your experience with them?
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    Another GPS question

    I haven't used a GPS since the 90's and when I looked at them the other day I couldn't believe the price jump and how far the tech has come, which leaves me lost in a techno jungle, ugh!! I will be using it for back country (map and compass is also used) hiking and hunting. I don't know...
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    Travel advisory App for Alaska

    Does anyone know of a travel advisory app or road condition app for iphones? I plan on traveling from the peninsula to anchorage this winter and wanted up to date info on the conditions
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    Kenai Peninsula might become 2A Sanctuary

    The Borough will have a meeting Tuesday the 16th at 6PM and one of the topics will be making the Peninsula a 2A sanctuary. The meeting will be held VIA zoom. go to the borough website for details on how to get in on it.
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    Tides and dipnetting

    I was talking to someone and they mentioned the best time to dip net for reds is around the high tides, is there any truth to that or what? If anything I would think the fish are more likely to come in on the incoming tide since it will require less effort on their part Flossing is done...
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    Universal fitting Tire chains

    I'm in the market for another set of chains for my truck and learned there are a few new thing on the market. Does anyone have experience with the universal fit chains? On the surface they seem like a great idea but most of what I find online has been commercials for different brands. I'l be...
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    Bears chewing rafts

    I know bears love to chew on wheeler seats, plastic gas jugs, and just about everything under the sun so do you take any special precautions to protect your rafts from bears?
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    canning with cans

    I'm interested in canning with cans for easier transportation, does anyone have experience with cans? I know I can use the same pressure cooker but from what I understand I need some sort of lid sealer gadget and the process is a little different than with jars. Thanks for the help
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    Pressure cooker for camp cooking

    Does anyone use a pressure cooker for cooking in camp? I've seen some pretty small ones, 2 and 4qt, and with their handle they can double as a regular pot.
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    Newbie question about canoes

    A little background on my experience with them.. As a teenager we would go onto some lakes, paddle around and try to roll them, which was pretty fun at the time. As an adult (higher center of gravity) I had one roll me on a lake with temps in the high 20's and ~15mph winds, I sank like a rock...
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    .454 casull bear defense load/bullets

    I currently carry 260gr HP in my SRH but after reading some threads about how a bullet reacts when hitting a charging bear, I believe the lighter HP's are not the beast choice. Apparently a flatter nose heavier bullet is best, is this true? I load my own and would like to hear what others are...
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    Lightest line for Silvers

    I like fishing for silvers in the rivers, what is the lightest line you guys use in your spin casting rigs? I'm also fishing from shore, long casts are pretty important
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    M6 Scout

    I just picked up a M6 Scout, .22 Hornet over .410. I've wanted one since the 80's and this is the first one I've seen in person so I grabbed it. Anyway I wanted to know if anyone has loaded specifically for this gun or has any recipes for the 22 Hornet?
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    .308 bullets for caribou

    Im hoping to get out for caribou this year and my longest range rifle at the moment is .308. I load my own and I'm looking for a good bullet. Any suggestions on manufacture and weight?
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    Elk hunting question

    I live in Soldotna and I've hunted elk in NM for years, where can they be found up here? Are tags over the counter or draw?
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    Self defense classes

    I'm interested in taking a self defense class for handguns and Majority Arms are the only ones I can find online. Has anyone here used them for any of their classes and what did you think? Is anyone else in the state doing this?
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    Suppressors legal in AK W/O fed stamp?

    I heard on the radio that Ak passed an amendment to the state Constitution in 2013(?) stating something about federal gun laws do not apply here. I read online 13(?) other states have done very similar things to protect their citizens from fed over-reach. Does that mean we (AK residents) can...
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    outdoor/gun show in Soldotna

    I just heard a spot in the radio about a gun show in Soldotna but it was too noisy for me to catch the details, has anyone heard anything about dates??
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    Where to shoot in Soldotna area?

    I just moved to Soldotna and need a place to shoot. The local range (Snowshoe?) wont let me in until the beginning of the year. I found online a defensive shooting class that is held in Sterling but they have not returned my phone mssg after a few days?? Is anyone here a member of the snowshoe...
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    how to get started?

    The gold bug has found me but I dont know how or where to start? I looked at some metal detectors and they range in price from a few hundred to over 50k, wow!! Whats the difference? Using pans and different types of boxes seems pretty easy IF you know where to look and how to work your tools...

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