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    Boat shipping

    Not sure if the discounted rates apply only to RV's but it might be worth getting a fresh quote if you are planning to have a boat shipped up.
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    Is anyone sending sonar logs to Navionics?

    I'm looking for a new chartplotter/sounder and reviewing the various makes and models. With so much PWS action these days I was wondering if fresh sonar data was getting back to the mapping companies for updated and finer tuned charts. Raymarine to Navionics, Garmin to BlueChart, etc...
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    3 shrimp pots
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    Jack Plates: 101

    I don't know much about jack plates- when, where, and why they are useful. Is it so that you can adjust your prop depth based on boat loading? Are there 'rules of thumb' for use, i.e. deeper for getting on step with a heavy load, etc? Start deep, get on step, and then trim upwards to minimize...
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    Sheep Talk

    From Mountain View Sports email: Join us for a night of local beer, light snacks, 10% off store-wide, and a presentation on sheep research by Thomas Lohuis of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Wednesday, July 27th 6:00-9:00PM @ Mountain View Sports Store-Wide Specials! Event is...
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    Waves waves waves!

    Tell us where we should go surf! Lots of outdoor expedition folks on this forum- during your travels have you seen any coastline with waves that look like they should be surfed?!? With so many pilots and boaters in the State I thought I'd ask for some intel. We have so much coastline and so...
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    Intriguing backcountry applications for this new gizmo:
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    heated vest

    Now that there are a few options available, I was wondering how many people are using heated vests, and what the favorites are.
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    Mt. Ascension

    We are going to explore Mt. Ascension this weekend- any advice or experience to share? With this spring's weather I'm hoping a lot of snow has melted and that glacier travel is relatively safe- we are not planning on roping in.

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