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    Update: Garmin vs SPOT ( I bought a Garmin)

    So about a month ago I was asking if anyone had used the new SPOT X satellite 2-way messenger and tracking device. Most people on here were using a Garmin of some sort, either the Explorer or the new Mini. I read every review I could find on the internet about the SPOT X. I looked at Videos and...
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    Anybody use a SPOT X? (or a Garmin InReach Mini?)

    I am trying to find out how well the SPOT x works in Alaska, in the southern half of the state. I do nature and wildlife photography, and I am by myself most of the time. For my husband's peace of mind, I am thinking about getting one of the 2-way satellite communicators and having it send the...
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    Well, our bear fence did its job

    Got back from a trip to Kodiak, and we definitely agree with what others are saying about bears. Luckily for us, our bear fence worked-- No pics, just a story. ( It was early morning and kinda dark, so we didn't get any pictures of the fence remains; I wish I had.) We flew in during a...
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    Get Wiggy's bag back into stuff sack???

    For those of you who have Wiggy's bags: Have you ever been able to get the sleeping bag stuffed back into the sack they gave you? We have 2 Wiggy's bags. My husband's is a great big one. Arctic? We have never been able to get it back into its stuff sack. Last hunt, when packing up camp, I...
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    Bear fence for Slope hunt?

    Does everybody use a bear fence when floating the rivers, like the Ivishak? In looking at the various videos, sometimes a fence is very obvious, and sometimes you don't see them. Same with the stories. Some people make a point of mentioning them, and others don't say anything about th

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