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    Florida Non-Resident Concealed Weapons Permit???

    I applied for a non-resident concealed weapons permit from Viginia and Florida. Received the one from Virgina but Florida kicked my application back because I had my fingerprints done at one of those commercial businesses here in Anchorage. The letter says they must be done by a law enforcement...
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    SAR, what not to do!!!

    HELP, should really mean that you need help. Location: Johnson Glacier, Tok Area Case Number: 08-85619 Type: SAR Text: On 9/9/08 at approximately 1200 hours, AWT in Tok was notified by a local...
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    1998 Honda 300 Fourtrax 4x4 opinions wanted

    I found what looks like a pretty good 98 Fourtrax for $2000. I've never had any experience with this particular model and would sure like any thoughts, ideas or opinions on this. Thanks.
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    2003 Honda Rubicon opinions needed

    I found a 2003 HONDA RUBICON TRX500FA for $4000. I don't know squat about the reliability of the Hondamatic transmissions. I'm a shifter type of person. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. I'm going over tomorrow to test drive the beast. It only has 1600 miles on. From the pic's it...
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    Honda Foreman/Rancher opinions, please

    I was just wondering what you more experienced trail hands thought about the Honda Atv's? This would be used mainly for freighting, pulling a small trailer, etc. Just safe stuff. I'm got a bum neck, it doesn't turn much since the surgery, so I tend to take the easy way, even if it means going a...

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