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    Life-sized Wolverine

    Just got my wolverine back and it turned out great! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Dm 922 info

    Looking for anyone that has some first hand info on DM 922. I plan on hunting the last week of sept and camping at the arctic circle campground and going out from there. Anyone have info on this hunt from past years?
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    26B muskox

    Just wondering what the farthest south any of you have seen muskox on the dalton??
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    how long

    How long will it take to find out the dates for the bison hunt class that is required to hunt the delta herd? Also how many of the classes are offered?
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    Bison Bow Hunt

    has any one on here hunted bison with a bow. I plan to but was just curious of what kind of set up you used. I will be going with a vectrix at 82 lbs with a 475 gr arrow. I might up the arrow weight. what do you guys think.
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    DI 404/ Bow hunt

    I was lucky enough to draw one of the Delta bison tags and was just wondering if there are any requirements for bow hunting them. I know that there are for the rifle hunts.

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