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    Dumb lead head jig question

    Any tips on getting consistent hook ups when using big lead head jigs? For the life of me I've tried everything I can think of, but I miss way too many strikes from big fish. The jig just pops out of their mouths (and yes my hooks are sticky sharp.) I've tried immediately setting the hook...
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    Resurrection Bay Silvers Question

    I'm curious about Silver salmon migration patterns. When they show up around Resurrection Bay late June/early July, I understand that they generally arrive from the west and are traveling east toward PWS (except for the terminal Res Bay fish). I clobbered them at Fox Island the second week of...
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    Vent Fitting Corrosion

    Hi Everyone, I have a stainless steel (applied by the factory) vent fitting near the bow of my aluminum boat and it appears I'm getting some electrolysis corrosion. Any ideas how these fittings are removed (there is no access from inside) so that I can repair the corrosion? :hmmmm: Thanks!
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    System for Exploring Bottom Structure?

    Does anyone have a specific system for charting interesting bottom structure? By this I mean when you find something interesting, do you just mark it on your GPS, or do you take the time to run a N/S, E/W grid with the boat to get a full sense of what the structure looks like? If so, how do...
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    GPS Waypoint Labeling

    Does anyone have a specific strategy for labeling waypoints? Just leave the machine generated default? Label with the fish type caught? The depth? Something else? :hmmmm:
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    Good overnight anchoring outside Resurrection Bay?

    Not sure what forum to post this to, but does anyone know if any good overnight anchorages outside of Resurrection Bay? Maybe Chat or Paradise Coves? What about in the Chiswells? Thanks!
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    Transient Slip Etiquette

    Newby question here - I am planning on being in Seward over the 4th of July weekend, but what does one do if all of the transient slips are taken? Do you ask another boater politely and double up on a slip? Go find an anchorage somewhere? (Not all that easy out of Seward.) Any other ideas...
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    Bottom Jigging Question

    Dumb question - I'm considering picking up a few KodiakCustom jigs, but is there any strategy to avoid hooking the bottom and losing the jig? Especially fishing around rock-piles, etc? With my luck I'd leave the good part of a tackle shop on the bottom!
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    Strange Honda Outboard Problem

    A friend has Honda outboards on his 28 foot Kingfisher and this spring one is acting rather strangely. It starts normally, but after a minute or two it begins running rough, then the high temp alert triggers, and it shuts down. The engine isn't even warmed up yet and is definitely not hot...
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    Black Lower Unit Oil?

    Hi Guys, I did my 100 hour maintenance on my Yamaha 150 outboards last night and replaced the oil in the lower units. The oil from the lower unit of the starboard engine was fairly clean and almost new appearing. The oil from the lower unit of the port engine was absolutely black, almost like...
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    Johnstone Bay Weather Question

    I would like run to Johnstone Bay out of Seward tomorrow, but I see that the NOAA forecast is predicting 15 knot westerlies, meaning of course that I would be returning against the prevailing wind. I have experience in the area with the more usual south easterlies. Should I come up with a plan...
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    Outboard In and Out of Reverse Question

    Question for the outboard experts out there - when I'm mooching I often have to jog the outboard in and out of reverse to hold the boat in place and work the lines properly. Is this hard on the lower unit? Do I risk shortening the usual service life of the engine? I've tried dragging buckets...
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    Mooching Rig Question

    I need help with my mooching rig set up and would appreciate any advice from the charter skippers out there. I've been tying up tandem #4 octopus hooks with 30 lb mono, but whenever I have guests on board who don't fish very often, we break off way too many salmon. The point of break is...
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    Outboard Creeping Down

    When my port Yamaha F150 is resting on the hydraulic trim rams, it gradually creeps downward until it is fully trimmed downward. I notice this in the driveway, but not when out fishing, etc. There are no hydraulic leaks anywhere that I can see and the fluid level in the reservoir never...
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    Main Bay Coho?

    Any updates on Silvers in the Main Bay area? I'll be taking my brother and sister-in-law out on PWS on Saturday and it would be great to get into some fish. Thanks!
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    PWS Question

    I'm not having much luck consistently finding rockfish in PWS. :hmmmm: When prospecting around a small to medium sized island or structure, is it generally better to be on the East (Gulf) side, or the West? Does it matter much? Does the tide or weather affect where the fish will congregate...
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    Circle Hook Size

    A bit of a dumb question, but is there any consensus on the preferred size of circle hook when soaking bait for halibut?
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    Running Twin Outboard Question

    I'll be taking delivery shortly on a 27 foot Kingfisher with twin Yamaha outboards. :) I've run boats in the past with single I/O's and OB's, but never twins. Is there anything specific I should know? How careful do I have to be about sync'ing RPM's, etc. at speed? Any pitfalls? I...
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    Need Garmin Advice

    I just ordered a Kingfisher 2725 and need to decide on a GPS/Fishfinder electronics package in the next couple of weeks. I'll be going with Garmin for no reason other than I'm familiar with their products and they've served me well in the past. I'm trying to keep the costs under the "break out...
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    Help with Cut Plug Herring

    I was out at Pony yesterday and while I have a fair amount of experience hootching moochies, er, I mean, mooching hootchies, I hadn't mooched cut plug herring before. We'd limited on Silvers a few days before, so I figured it was time to experiment a bit. I had brined 4 flats of Green Label...

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