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  1. AK Bearcat

    Unit 13 reports

    Any input from hunters from Unit 13 Caribou hunts!
  2. AK Bearcat

    Tagged moose info

    We have an ear tagged moose in our area that I have been attempting t get some history on. However, I have not been able to get anyone from the Palmer Fish and Game to call me back. Anyone have any ideas on how to get such info!
  3. AK Bearcat

    Sad day

    Had our motor home winterized today, getting it ready to store for the winter. We never got to use it as much as we would like and this year was worse! Hopefully we get to use it next year!!
  4. AK Bearcat

    Unit 13 Youth hunt

    It will be interesting to hear stories and see pictures from the success of this hunt. Hope the kids have a good time!!!
  5. AK Bearcat

    Game meat porcessing

    With all of the C19 issues going on, I wonder how the meat processing shops are going to handle processing? Hopefully things will get back to more of 'normal' by then, but.... For the most part we process all of our own game, but for those that do not....
  6. AK Bearcat

    Maud Road range

    Anyone hear anything about the Maud Road range being closed for the summer? I heard a 'rumor' that the road was going to be worked on and the whole area would be closed. Can anyone confirm this?
  7. AK Bearcat

    Good day hike

    Hiking off the Parks Highway Hiking off the Parks Highway Here are a couple pictures of my hike, off the Parks Highway
  8. AK Bearcat

    Good day hike

    I did a 10 mile hike on a trail off the Parks highway yesterday. The weather was good, as it was in the mid 60's with a light breeze once I started climbing a mountain. What I like about this trail is that is in open country, as I can see if there might be a problem bear around. With the...
  9. AK Bearcat

    Poaching sheep

    Not sure how to attach the article, but it appears that a sub legal sheep was taken in the Pinochle area!
  10. AK Bearcat

    Good day hike

    Did a good day hike, yesterday 16 June to the back side of Gun Site Mountain. Started off following a ATV trail up a good grade and followed it to where one looks down into Squaw Creek. There were a couple good grades to climb, most of the trail was good walking. There were some muddy spots...
  11. AK Bearcat

    ATV Trails book

    I know that there was a posting a while back about the current ATV Trails book. We had one of the first ones that came out years ago and being new to ATV riding, used it a lot. Well today we found and bought one of the new books. We got it ay AIH in Eagle river. While I have not had time to...
  12. AK Bearcat

    Trail riding help

    In reading an article today about an ATV rider dying in a roll over accident, got me to thinking. With the weight/size of the machines today, what are the chances of those riding with you, of being able to get the machine off you while under water? All of the machines that we have weigh...
  13. AK Bearcat

    Sheep question

    It has been many years since I have been sheep hunting or able to hunt sheep. When I was much younger I enjoyed many hours in the high country. In reading articles in the last issue of 'Wild Sheep' that was about hunting sheep in Alaska. These were well worth reading, but what caught my...
  14. AK Bearcat

    Rippy trail

    I was out yesterday for a short ride and visited the Rippy trail at the end of Maud road. I know that the day was perfect to be out, but was not expecting the amount of people that I encountered is a short time. There were 21 people of different user groups (horse back riders, ATV riders and...
  15. AK Bearcat

    Alaska Won

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the State OF Alaska in the case about the hunter using his hovercraft to hunt moose!!!!!!!!
  16. AK Bearcat

    Maud road range

    I was out yesterday goofing off and stopped to talk with the DNR person at the Maud road range. I found out that the range will not open until about the 22nd of August. They have had a 'shipping delay' of the sound barrier material for the covered areas. The 100 yard range has the cover in...
  17. AK Bearcat

    GMX 338 185 grain bullets

    I have been 'playing' with the GMX 338 185 grain bullets and a 'project' Model 70 338WM and have not had good luck with them. So far I have only tried IMR 4350 powder and can not seem to get the loads to group worth a darn. It also might be the rifle as I can not get some of my other 'pet'...
  18. AK Bearcat

    Black Bear permits

    For those that got permits/tags for Black bear for 2014/2015 season, do not forget to close them out. 1 July started a new year for Black bear hunting.
  19. AK Bearcat

    Gravel pit parking

    While it might not be for everyone, we stay at several old gravel pits around the State. This last weekend we were at one of these that covers about 50-60 acres and has several good level places to set up in. We were set up in the back and watched several other motor homes, pull behind...
  20. AK Bearcat

    Eureka Snow conditions

    Anyone have a snow report for the Eureka Lodge area? Need/want to get out an do some riding but with the lack of snow not sure where the riding is half way good. Thanks

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