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  1. 270ti

    Non-pelagic closure SE AK

    That includes everybody. Ridiculous.
  2. 270ti

    Hewescraft 2700 Alaskan

    Anyone have one yet? They look good! If anyone has seen/touched or owned one, I'd be curious at what your thoughts are.
  3. 270ti

    Garmin G3 Charts

    I see that Garmin has teamed up with navionics to add more detail to the bluecharts. Has anybody seen how much more detail they actually add? Wanting to see if they improved the outside of Noyes island before I buy the chip. Offshore bluecharts aren't very good in my area.
  4. 270ti

    Espar Error Code

    About ready to toss my espar into the ocean..(grin) I have the easy start select. I get the err when I try to kick on the heater. Anyone know how to pull the code from the easy start? Customer service has been frustrating to say the least. Wish I had gone with another heater.
  5. 270ti

    Craig Ak

    You would think it was June with the amount to boats fishing this weekend. King fishing is ok in multiple spots. Work at it and you will get fish. Herring spawn is just about over and then traditionally things will really kick off. Graveyard, Suemez, and the outside of Noyes all have kings...
  6. 270ti

    Sounder Pics

    Post em up. Salmon on the screen to help the guys who are a bit unsure what they look like. All mine will be with a Garmin 94sv and a gt51 transducer. Great for salmon fishing. West Marine has that combo for $599 right now. 600kw of Chirp.
  7. 270ti

    Craig Alaska Fishing Charters

    Long time member and contributor here, new to the charter operator forum. Owner/Operator of Alaska Wide Open Charters out of Craig, Alaska. 15 years guiding experience, year round resident of Craig, and year round fisherman. As many have heard or read on this forum, there is some amazing...
  8. 270ti

    Boat Rental Questions

    I've been trying to find out the laws on renting a boat. I guide extensively out of Craig, Alaska. I'm starting up a small boat rental business in addition to my guiding. Now I seem to recall a law recently passed that states how much (or none at all) information could be passed from the...
  9. 270ti

    12.5% Fisheries Royalty Tax

    So who is this joker up in Wasilla?
  10. 270ti

    Sb 42

    Any thoughts on SB 42? Priority to personal use in times of conservation? Link: Sponsor statement:
  11. 270ti

    2014 and 2015 GAF Fish The numbers are out!
  12. 270ti

    2014 SE King Limits

    They are out! And they are huge! For residents: 3 a day. For non-residents: May/June- 2 a day, annual limit of 6 July-Sept-1 a day, annual limit of 6 Hold on guys, it's going to be a wild season. They are forecasting a ton of kings to be in the ocean, from a variety of rivers up and...
  13. 270ti

    Charging House Batteries

    Wondering if any electrical guys are on here. I'm having an issue with my house bank charging off my alternator. I have two 8d batteries in parallel for my house, and a isolated 8d for my starting. The local mechanic told me to run an oil switch off my John Deere 6068, to a solenoid, which...
  14. 270ti

    Catch Sharing Plan signed in law

    Just as we expected, it was signed into law. We'll see what limits end up at next year. I'm sure AK Capt will have a good idea. I see that a recommendation from ADFG is: 2c: Reverse slot. Under 44" and over 76". Yep, that's 76". Lost big on the upper end and an inch on the lower end...
  15. 270ti

    830 Transporters

    Went to Fred Bifelt's webpage, and saw a message that he wasn't transporting anymore. I used him a few years ago and did well. Anybody know what other options to get into 830 beside have your own boat? Is Charlie Green still operating out of Galena? I put in for 830, and not even sure I can...
  16. 270ti

    New Trawler Video

    Thought this one was rather interesting. Looks like those sea lions are conditioned to feed at the side of those trawlers. Must be a lot of food being tossed overboard...
  17. 270ti

    22' Olympics

    Just an FYI. Local lodge is doing some upgrading. These are solid boats, with solid power, at what I think is an OK price. They've fished the outer coast of POW for years and years. Should get 10-12gph. Not a bad entry price to get into the SE AK saltwater game...
  18. 270ti

    Hydraulic Pot Pullers

    Looking for advice from any of the other guys who fish pots on this forum. I went and picked up a pot shrimp permit for here in SE AK. I've got a line on a stack of 42" Lander pots, so I'll probably be using those. I'll be fishing out of my 35' Delta boat. It'll be strings of 10 pots, 10...
  19. 270ti

    2013 King Limits.. SE

    Read and WEEP.. Gonna be a year that separates the men from the boys..
  20. 270ti

    Spring Bear Hunt.. SW AK

    My brother and I are looking for a SW AK brown bear hunt.. Perhaps out of Bethel or Dillingham, leaning towards Bay Air out of Dillingham. (the maul on wheels) We'd like to do a backpack style hunt, with hiking/glassing of open areas. Looking at early May in 2014. Anybody have any...

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