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    Condolences to Brian M...

    Very sorry for your loss.
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    ptarmigan weapon recommendation

    Looks like they have them on gunbroker
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    No idea what type of Lucas product Dave used (there are many), but the upper cylinder/injector cleaner additive is recommended by some very qualified mechanics and I run it in my Yukon a few times yearly. The only green fuel I have seen is old. A product called mechanic in a bottle has worked...
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    4x4 truck shop

    As Urbanhillbilly said, GTF has a great reputation. Muffler City does lot’s of lifts on domestic trucks. Young’s Gear has a very good reputation for driveline work.
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    Laryngal paralysis question

    Veterinary Specialists of Alaska in Anchorage has very qualified surgeons and do that procedure. Sorry your dog is having issues.
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    Ski-doo shop manual

    Hey guys: I wanted to see if anyone can use a ski-do shop manual for 2000 Tundra R, Skandic 380/500, Touring E/LE/SLE/500LC,Formula S500, Formula Deluxe 380/500/500LC,MXZ440. Many of the models were unchanged within a few years, and I know there are quite a few old Tundra’s and Skandic’s running...
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    FS: Bosski FB1600 ATV Wagon 2 axle flatbed

    FS: Bosski FB1600 ATV/UTV trailer This is a never used flatbed trailer (stake bed sides fit) with detachable attachments to allow for transporting side/front supported 4x8 sheets of plywood. I purchased this from White Spruce Trailers and they did the customization for me. It has 2 axles with...
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    FS:S&W 629-6 (4")

    FS: 4" 629-6 in great condition. $900 not interested in trades I am unable to upload photos here right now but will be happy to send them to anyone interested.
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    Bullets and Brass for sale

    Bullets: .357" Hornady XTP 38 caliber 125 grain (#100 per box) 3 boxes avail ($25 ea) .430" Hornady XTP 44 caliber 200 grain (#100 per box) 2 boxes avail ($25 ea) .430" Hornady FTX 44 caliber 225 grain (#100) 1 box avail ($25) .430" Hornady Interlock 44 caliber 265 grain (#100 per box) 2 boxes...
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    Colt MSR recall

    Colt is recalling some recently manufactured modern sporting rifles (AR). I tried pasting article but can’t seem to do so. The sear is too shallow and may cause unintentional discharge. The article is at (Guns AmmoTactical) with models involved. Stay safe
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    Bear spray recall

    fyi for those who carry spray SABRE Updates Safety Notice, Recalls Alaska Bear Spray Canisters July 19, 2021 | By Mary Murphy Share now: Support us! GearJunkie may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. Learn more.Home » News » SABRE Updates Safety Notice...
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    Bear spray recall

    Just an fyi for those who carry bear spray. SABRE Updates Safety Notice, Recalls Alaska Bear Spray Canisters July 19, 2021 | By Mary Murphy Share now: Support us! GearJunkie may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. Learn more.Home » News » SABRE Updates Safety...
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    Kuiu raingear sale

    Hey guys- just a heads up that Kuiu is having a substantial sale on rainwear on their site. Stay safe.
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    Who to fly with

    Hey guys- a very smart, outdoorsy, ambitious 13 year old girl I know dreams of becoming a Coast Guard pilot. I would like to arrange for her to get some time in the air. She has been doing some ground school studying, but I just want her to be up and enjoy the experience with a pilot who wants...
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    Be watchful for moose on trails

    If anyone is headed out riding to cabins or otherwise- be careful for the moose that are using the harder packed trails to get around. There is so much snow that is very wet and difficult to make any headway out near my place that the moose are pretty much refusing to leave the trails. Watching...
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    Great customer service from Micro-start

    I just had to let y'all know the experience I had with Micro-start (emergency compact jumper). I keep one in each vehicle and take one when using ATV, Snowmachine and side-by-side, I have used one a few times to jump dead batteries of mine and others and have been very pleased. Well after my...
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    Be careful out there

    Not specific to hunting but want everyone to be super careful and prepared if out in the woods now. The recent rain/ice has knocked down limbs and trees and the snow is sitting on a layer of ice (at least near Willow). Not quite enough snow to snowmachine and will need gripper chains on anything...
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    2018-20 Polaris Ranger xp1000 safety recall

    Just in case y'all who have them and did not get an email or snail mail notice.
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    Colt suspending AR-15 sales to civilians

    Not getting political- just letting y'all know......
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    any recommendations for breaker box or inverter

    Hi y'all. My long awaited cabin is finally taking shape and I am planning to use generator and 12 volt (for lights in winter, toaster or coffee maker and fan). Solar may come later/ Any recommendations as to what brand or sizes of both breaker boxes and inverters? Cabin is 2 story and is a...

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