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  1. Mr. Grayling

    Results are out

    Didn’t draw anything.
  2. Mr. Grayling

    Belugas and Seals

    Flew over the mouth of the Little Su and the Big Su on high tide today and saw Belugas and seals. Just wanted to post, wife enjoyed the views and wildlife.
  3. Mr. Grayling

    Far North Fly In

    This has not been circulated much, The Far North Fly In, in Bettles, AK is next weekend, July, 25th. Thought I would post this, I plan on going depending on the weather. The guy that puts this together is Rob and he has a facebook post, just search Far North Fly in for questions. I'll be flying...
  4. Mr. Grayling

    Kiliuda Bay (DG476) Kodiak

    My better half and I drew DG476 (Kiliuda Bay) goat tags . Planning on hunting Oct 9th-Oct 18th. Already booked the flight in, mainly the time frames and going to pick a lake to fly into after I pole this forum and talk to the area bio in Kodiak. Anybody been down there recently? Would like...
  5. Mr. Grayling

    DS204 Delta Sheep Hunt

    I’m headed up Friday the 13th, to hunt until season closes on the 20th! How are the creeks looking? Anybody got any tips or information from being in country this year? I’m really hell bent on where to go. I’d like to get over to Pegmatite/Boulder/Spur area on ATV’s! I’ll call the biologist...
  6. Mr. Grayling

    Delta Controlled Use Area Ds203/204

    Any reports of rams being sealed in Delta? Anxious to hear some stories and River/Creek reports? Anybody heard anything from that neck of the woods? Patiently waiting for DS204 to open!
  7. Mr. Grayling

    Denali Highway landing strips

    Anybody know of any strips along the highway I could land a Cessna 150 on? Wanting to do some exploring 4th of July weekend. There is one on the west side of Susitna River but it’s length in unverified! Anybody know the length? Would like to stay close to Alpine Creek Lodge!
  8. Mr. Grayling

    DM413 Valley Cow Tag

    My buddy and his wife drew the DM413 tag this year, but he is deployed and she has been trying to get a moose for her freezer. My wife and I took her out yesterday and she shot and missed at one. Season is ending soon and still trying to get her a moose. She can only hunts weekends due to...
  9. Mr. Grayling

    Finally Solo'd

    Ladies and gentlemen, Over three years ago I started flight training. All seems like a blure now that I think about it. Today I flew 2.2 hrs in my ole 150 and finally solo'd at Palmer. Was quite the experience, one that I'll never forget. Now I need to finish the rest of my training...
  10. Mr. Grayling

    Just received my drawing tags in the mail

    Got my tags in the mail today, also got an e-mail about there printing job. Mine is still somewhat legible so all is good.
  11. Mr. Grayling

    AK Mauler

    Tried to pm you, but you messages are full. You had messaged me sometime ago about flight training. Wonder if the offer still stands?
  12. Mr. Grayling

    Deep Creek, Anchor, Ninilchik River Report

    Went down to Homer over Memorial Weekend and saw some people trying for kings! Haven't heard anything about how the fishing was. So mid-June I was thinking of going to Seward to get some reds or Ninilchik River for some king fishing and beach surf casting. Thoughts and fishing reports?
  13. Mr. Grayling

    Mat-Su Valley CFI

    Trying to get back on track with flight training. Does anybody know of any CFI's in the Mat-Su Valley that would be available most evenings and weekends? I have a friend's Cessna 140 that I can use. I really don't feel like paying flight school's prices to rent there planes, although I might...
  14. Mr. Grayling

    DS165 Tazlina Glacier

    Leaving for this hunt with wife on Thursday. She is the lucky one with the tag. Wondering if anybody has heard of any rams coming out of there this year?
  15. Mr. Grayling

    DS165 Tazlina Lake to Richardson Highway Unit 13D

    Looking for info on this hunt. My wife drew the tag. I've tried to contact Mike Meekins of Meekins Air and Matt Keller of Blue Ice Aviation. Waiting to hear back from them. On Monday I'll call and talk to Tom Lohuis for additional info. What I'm more curious about is past hunt experiences...
  16. Mr. Grayling

    Flight Training

    Just started flight training this last week. Flying a Cessna 140. I wish I would have started this earlier, it sure was fun. Hopefully be certified by late October. I'll keep you guys posted.
  17. Mr. Grayling

    Twentymile air charter

    Who flys into the 14c Twentymile area? Wanting to hunt goats this year.
  18. Mr. Grayling


    Leaving in the morning for my yearly sheep hunt, except this time I got an antlerless moose tag in the same area. I've been two for two the last two years for rams. All your stories and pictures have kept me excited. Hopefully the weather holds and I'll have a story or two when I get back...
  19. Mr. Grayling


    Renting a boat for Saturday. Wondering if there are any recent fishing reports? Taking the kids so hopefully we'll find plenty of pinks and silvers.
  20. Mr. Grayling


    Wanting to hunt Kodiak Island for deer and goat, mainly goat in 2014. Was looking at hunting Karluk Lake and then floating the river and fishing for silvers around mid September. Another option would be the high lakes around Three Saints Bay. Would be a party of three maybe four guys...

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