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  1. Doug in Alaska

    Speer 275, 338 Bullet

    For crying out loud, do you have a reloading manual? I suspect he's a troll.
  2. Doug in Alaska

    Condolences to Brian M...

    Our prayers are with you and your family Brian.
  3. Doug in Alaska

    Best satellite cell plan?

    There's really no point in argueing with him, he knows everything about everything.
  4. Doug in Alaska

    24x24 Cabin build up by Lake Louise-A bit of help

    Sounds to me like you did well.
  5. Doug in Alaska


    I hear you, you know what I mean Akgramps!
  6. Doug in Alaska


    I'm wanting to buy 7mm RUM brass, prefer new, unprimed. Barnes .284 (7mm) 160 gr. TSX flat base. Nosler .308 180 gr. Partition The shelves are dry and I have plenty of supplies for myself but these are for my kids and grandkids. PM if you have any of these you'd like to get rid of. Thanks
  7. Doug in Alaska

    Log-Out Issue

    For some reason I am automatically logged out and this happens frequently. If I try to reply to a post and don't get my reply posted very, very quickly, when I hit the submit button I'm sent back to the log in page. Of course, whatever I had typed for a response is gone. Is this a setting...
  8. Doug in Alaska

    Nosler Partition - 250 Grain .338

    I've been loading 250 gr. Nosler Partition bullets for my .338 Win Mag for many, many years. I bought a couple boxes of bullets about six months ago because my stock of loaded ammo for this rifle is just about gone. I loaded fifty rounds today and noticed these bullets no longer have a...
  9. Doug in Alaska

    Show off your rimfires!

    Ruger 10/22 with WhistlePig barrel. This project was a lot of fun and she's a tack driver!
  10. Doug in Alaska

    Chitina Dipnets

    I have a long handled dipnet (fiberglass handle) which works fairly well. Last year my oldest son dipped with me and had borrowed a net from a friend in Fairbanks. The dip net had several short (5') extension tubes. This allowed for comfortable dipping from almost any height on the rocks...
  11. Doug in Alaska

    Bore Cleaning

    Have any of you guys been able to find Bore Tech Eliminator Bore Cleaning Solvent or Sharp Shoot R Wipe-Out here in Alaska? Midway carries both products but when I tried to order online, the only shipping method offered for aerosols and solvents is UPS Ground. Thanks
  12. Doug in Alaska

    Binocular Help

    I've never used binoculars much for hunting here in Alaska but I recently hunted whitetail with a buddy in Idaho and have decided I really do need a pair. I don't have a clue what bino will fit my needs. I will also purchase a harness (bino buddy) so I'm not sure if size or weight will be a...
  13. Doug in Alaska

    Moose score

    Ok, I realize this isn't a trophy bull but it will be very, very good in the stew pot. This goofy bull stood looking at me yesterday morning, so I let him have it between the eyes. It was hot and the bugs were so bad I didn't have time to try to figure out how to use the timer on the camera...
  14. Doug in Alaska

    Deshka Update

    I fished the Deshka Friday and got skunked, didn't see a single fish roll and didn't see anything in the water. I had hoped to catch an early silver since I caught two on July 1st. I caught one on July 1st last year. I guess a guy needs a break between runs anyway. :D
  15. Doug in Alaska

    Whittier Halibut Charters

    Anyone have recommendations for good halibut charters out of Whittier? All the charters I've done the past two years have been chicken charters. I'm looking for an all-day charter with a chance for some decent sized fish. I know, that's fishin', but it seems the charters I've gone fishing...
  16. Doug in Alaska

    Mouth Call for Fox

    What type/brand mouth call do you guys prefer for fox and where is a good place to purchase one? I'm in Wasilla but make a trip to the big city once in awhile. I did quite a bit of coyote calling when I was a kid in Idaho and still have my call but it's a wounded cottontail call, not sure if...

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