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    Camp at Waddell Lake ransacked by bears

    I was attempting to find an old thread on this site about a couple who moved out to Waddell lake to live off the land. Their camp appears abandoned. Should we be concerned over their whereabouts? Anyone remember these folks?
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    Re-sell Raw Baleen?

    Is it legal for a non-native to sell off a length of baleen provided there is a native signature on it?
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    Snowmachine Trailers at Fred Meyer

    I noticed Freds was selling steel trailers without decking outside the E.R. store. I think it was for $500 or so. Anyone know the scoop on these? Is that a good deal? Do they tilt?
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    Phazer 440

    Anyone have any experience with the Phazer II in 440? I have ridden plenty of 580 Phazers, and I think they're a blast, especially with a short track. Of course, I only weigh 170#. I saw a deal on a 440, and was wondering if anyone could comment on that engine. I am looking for something my...
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    Eagle River Nature Center Sno-Go access?

    According to the Chugach park rules, you should be able to trailer your sled into the ERNC. However, the gate seems like it's always locked. Anyone know what's up?
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    Looking for Plastic Skis

    Any of you modders want to sell me your factory plastic skis? I have a 96 Mountain Max. Spindle width is 3.5" including the two 3/8" spacers. I don't know what other manufacturers specs are. Maybe someone can enlighten me.
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    Whereabouts of abandoned Legacy?

    Anyone seen an abandoned Subaru Loyale or GL ('85-89ish) that I could scavenge some parts from? I know Jim Creek is can be a good source for parts if you can get there before everything is shot up and torched. Just looking for a headlight case and some plastic trim pieces, possibly a hood...
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    Chugach Parkies Hostile to Snowmobilers?

    I live a couple miles from the Eagle River boat launch. Right now it is closed due to lack of snow, along with most of the park. I bought a used sled, and have been itching to explore the river a little, so I am a little impatient. A couple years back, when I lived in Anchorage, I wanted to...