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  1. AK145

    DB261 East Afognak

    I feel very fortunate to have drawn the DB261 (Bear) tag that covers the East side of Afognak. I have been researching the pros and cons of renting one of the state cabins, at Laura Lake for example or hunting near the hatchery at Kitoi and paying the native land trespass fees. I would...
  2. AK145

    YC831 Great Bull and a Happy Kid!

    We were a week late catching the herd crossing the road...but my son and I managed to find a few caribou still hanging around the Taylor Mountain area this weekend. He knocked down his first caribou and it was a great bull! What an awesome weekend of good weather and a great time in the field...
  3. AK145

    Nunivak Adventure

    My hunting partner and I just got back from spending nearly week in Mekoryuk with James Whitman and Raymond Amos and we had an absolute incredible time. I can't say enough good things about James and his operation...all the logistics went smoothly and couldn't have gone much better. We worked...
  4. AK145

    Nunivak...Finally Got Lucky!

    Well, I must have prayed long and hard enough to the tag Gods because I finally drew a Nunivak DX003 tag, and a party tag no less with a buddy. I've been putting in for this tag for a long time so I would like to think I was "due" but in reality we just got lucky. We are already booked with...
  5. AK145

    Getting Prodex to Nunivak

    Brainstorming here....what is the best way to get pyrodex pellets and primers out to Nunivak for a musk ox hunt? Obviously not in luggage, but I wonder if I ordered direct from Cabelas or somewhere they could ship direct? U.S. Mail? Thoughts?
  6. AK145

    Kodiak DG471

    My hunting partner and I have already done quite a bit of research on this area...but I was hoping to get some first hand experiences from folks who have hunted goat during this hunt. Yes, I have done a search here but some of the information is a bit old and I was hoping to get some current...
  7. AK145

    DVD Ideas/Thoughts

    Hey Ya'll, It's been a while since I've posted but it's good to see some familiar on the ODD these days! If you have followed my posts over the years you may know that my hunting partner and I go bear crazy every spring and basically take bear baiting to the extreme...
  8. AK145

    2011 fob'd big'un!

    We had a great spring in our bear camp again this year. Nate Delong was up again filming for The Crush and we knocked some real "Dingers" down. We put 7 on the ground all over 6'...4 over 6'5" squared and 19" skulls. Everyone in camp had a great time, enjoyed some great bear hunting, good...
  9. AK145

    Bait m 907, Starrflight Youtube Videos!

    Check these out folks....some footage from last years bear camp posted on Youtube by Paul Morris from Starrflight! Great advertising for Baitem 907 for sure :topjob:
  10. AK145

    Passin Thru TV and Baitem 907 Update

    Bob and I are back from hosting Paul Morris the president of Starrflight (FOB) and Chris Woodley from Arizona filiming for Just Passin Through T.V. (Sportsman Channel). It wasn't easy with bad weather, wild fires and whatever else mother nature could throw at us....but Paul and Chris both...
  11. AK145

    To Illustrate a Point...

    We harp all the time that just because there are grizzly bears at your bait it does not mean the black bears will not come in. Here are a couple of pics of a HUGE interior grizzly they don't come much bigger... The first pics show how freaking big this bear is....
  12. AK145

    Big Bears and TC Pics

    With all the pictures being posted from trail cam pics, I thought I would post a few pics of some bigger bears we having coming in. In our seminars, we talk about using the 36" t-post for juding...keeping that in mind looking at these pics.
  13. AK145

    Neat Pic

    Bob and I spent a couple of days checking baits this weekend in preparation for hunters coming in. We took my two boys, 8 and 6, for their first times sitting. 5 of 6 baits are getting wacked hard (about 1000 trail cam pics so far) and the boys got see 5 bears in about a 5 hour sit. When we...
  14. AK145

    What do FOBs and Baitem907 have in common?

    Well, when you combine the two you get Paul Morris from Starrflight hunting bears with Bob and I in interior Alaska this fall...filming hunts for his new televisoin show "Just Passin Thru TV" airing on the Sportsman's Channel! For those that have never had the pleasure of speaking to...
  15. AK145

    Baiting Seminar Update

    Hey Folks, Rich Hamilton, owner of Browtine Taxidermy (and the best dang wildlife artist around ;)) will be speaking at the seminars again this year. Rich will be talking about and demonstrating proper skinning and hide care. Rich really is a great addition to the seminar and his...
  16. AK145

    Free bear bait clinic dates

    Well...there was enough positive feedback on our bear baiting basics seminars last year that we were asked to put on two more this year. Location: Sportsmans Warehouse in Fairbanks March 27th and April 10th at 1:00 p.m. These seminars offer some great information on basic bear...
  17. AK145

    FMA Bull/Cow Ratio

    After reading some other posts by forum members I decided to throw this out there just for conversation sake. I'm done hunting for the year because I have to leave town tomorrow for a few days. I've been hunting the FMA since high school....and no, I'm not in college now ;) I've killed 7...
  18. AK145

    A week with Lee, Tiffany and the Crush Crew

    During one of the seminars this spring I mentioned to a few people that Lee and Tiffany Lakosky were coming to hunt bears with us this year. I can't remember if I posted about their hunt...if so I apologize for the double post....but if I didn' you go. We have made some great friends...
  19. AK145

    Second Chance for Seminar

    Because the turn out was so good.....Sportsmans Warehouse has asked us to put on a second bear baiting seminar on 04/25 at 2:00 pm. The feedback was very good regarding the first show so now that the kinks are worked out the second show may even be a bit better :eek: You can sign up at SW...
  20. AK145

    Bear Baiting Seminar

    My bear hunting partners and I will be hosting a bear baiting seminar (free) at the Fairbanks S.W. on April 11th at 1:00 p.m. The date and time is subject to change but for now that is it. Topics will include, site and stand locations, shot placement, size judging, bait, game laws, trail cam...