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    Buzz Bombs

    Anyone here use Buzz Bombs?
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    Information Manual 1981Cessna TU206G

    Anyone need one. Like new. 1981Cessna TU206G Information Manual Turbo Stationaire 6 pm me.
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    HSM 45 acp ammo

    Last week I had several fail to feed issues with HSM 45 acp ammunition in my H&K HK45. A fellow at the range dropped a few of these rounds into a Pistol Max Gage, and several rounds failed. new Wilson Pistol Max Gage arrived in the mail today, and here are some quick results. I ran 200...
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    WWG-Colt Commander reliability job?

    Question for WWG...I am thinking of buying a Colt Commander 45ACP, 4.25 in from you. Would you recommend a "Reliability Job?" be done from the get-go? Thanks
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    Quick Freezing fish in Homer

    I am going halibut fishing out of Homer next week. Is there a place in Homer to get fish frozen over night...I will be vacuum packing myself.
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    45 acp ammo availability

    Has anyone seen any deals on 45ACP ammo in any stores lately?
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    Fuel line disintigration!

    I was 85 miles from Deshka Landing at a friends cabin one night and walked by my 2003 Scandic SWT. I smelled gas, and on investigation found the fuel line from the filter to the fuel pump had disintigrated to the point that I just pulled it apart very easily. The line was just plain crumbly on...
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    Ruger Mini-14 Target .223

    Does anyone have the Mini-14 Target??? How is the accuracy.
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    Sierra .224 55gr FMJ

    I cannot locate this bullet or internet. Does anyone know when they will be available again?? I heard the military is sucking them up as fast as Sierra can make them. Something to do with a new rifle.
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    Whiskey Gulch-cabins

    Can anyone tell me the name of the cabins at the Whisky Gulch road turn off?? Thanks
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    Trail from Knik Goose Bay to Beluga?

    Looking for trail info. Is there a snowmachine trail across the Big Su to Beluga?
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    Kwikfish touch-up paint

    I am looking for paint to touch-up my Kwikfish inventory. Does anyone know where to obtain the paint that leaves that shiney, flourescent finish they have when new? I have tried the paints available in craft stores, however they are "flat" finishes.
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    Kwikfish and single hook

    I don't fish the Kenai, however use Kwikfish a lot. I want to go to a single hook this year to be able to release fish easier. The question is...what is the best setup. I saw one of Doc's pics that showed the hook on the tail, and have seen others with the hook on a 4 or 5 bead chain attached...
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    Cleaning blood off fresh fox pelt

    I have a fox pelt that is pretty shot up and quite a bit of blood around the exit wound. Took it out of the freezer today and skinned it and am pretty bummed out about the blood. Any advice on how to clean it up before I take it in to get it tanned? Also, any recommendations of where to take...
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    Lake Creek fishing & any cabins for rent

    Anyone know much about king fishing at lake Creek? I am also looking for a cabin to rent in June 2007.
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    Anyone know of a store in Anchorage/valley that has 12 gauge 3 1/2 inch BB Hevi-shot?
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    870 Wingmaster stock shims

    Anyone know if there is a stock shim kit for Remington 870 Wingmasters?
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    870 wingmaster stock shims

    Does a stock shim kit exist for a Remington 870 Wingmaster?
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    Trim tabs for 18 Ft G3 Jon Boat

    Has anyone put trim tabs or "after plane" on their Jon Boats? I am looking for capability to plane at lower speeds when starting out or at cruise.