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    Little Delta River Airboat hunt

    My dad and i drew for the 20A moose hunt near Delta and we were thinking that we might want to take our airboats out for a cool hunt. We were wanting to start in delta junction and take our airboats up the little delta river. I'm wondering if it is even doable. I know nothing about the river...
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    Sag river raft/hunt trip

    Hey I am hearing rumors that one can get dropped off on the hall road in atigan pass and raft down to meet up with the Sag river, which then eventually meets back up with the road at pump station 3. anybody know anything about the trip?
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    Sag River hall road raft trip

    I am looking into the raft trip on the Hall road where you can get dropped off in atigan pass from the road, raft out of the 5-mile zone and meet up with the sag river, and then meet back up with the road at pump station 3. Anyone ever done it or know anybody who has, im looking for any kind of...
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    Wrangell Mountains... Messa Lake or sheep/Grissley Lake???

    My dad and I are flying into the area for a sheep hunt and we are trying to decide to go to Messa Lake or sheep or grizzley lake... any preferences?
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    Messa Lake Sheep hunt

    My Father and I are flying into Messa Lake in the Wrangell mountains to do a sheep hunt. Never been there before or heard much about it and would like to hear some stories or tips from anyone who knows anything about it!
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    Last sheep hunt for old man

    Hey My dad is 59 years old and he wants to go on one more sheep hunt before he gets too old. He has got his mind on doing a brooks range hunt because he hears that they can be some of the more easier going. I would like to know some good outfits to fly out from and or any suggestions on whether...
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    Little Delta River Moose Hunt

    Just got drawn for a DM772 Moose hunt for the little Delta River in unit 20A. This is new territory for me and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or tips or stories??? Thanks!
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    First Ram took 2.5 days solo!!!

    Opening day sheep hunt on the kenai peninsula was a great success! i wanted to get up there on the 9th and couldn't find anyone who could get away during the week so i thought i would go in an area that i knew by myself. started along the trail with one other hunter a few hours ahead of...
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    petersburg moose hunt

    My friends brother has a cabin up in the petersburg area and either of us have ever hunted the area or even know much about it. Anyone know much about hunting the area?
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    Kaligan Island Moose Hunt

    I've been invited to do a moose hunt on Kaligan Island and i have never heard anything about how the hunting is over there. Does anybody have any information on how hard of a hunt it would be and how easy it is to land a boat over there? Any information would be much appreciated thanks!
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    Sheep hunting on the kenai

    Im planning a sheep hunt In the Mills creek area east of Summit Lake and then another one possibly back in the devils creek trail area. I've never hunted either or heard too much about either area does anyone know anything about either areas and if there is much for sheep???