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  1. russiarulez

    New axle or spindle refurb

    Looks like I need to get a new axle for a boat trailer that had bearing failure on one side. I had to change an axle on my old boat trailer about 5 years ago and from looking around town 6 Robblees was the only place in town (Anchorage) that was selling trailer axles. Is this still the case and...
  2. russiarulez

    Single axle boat trailer on the side of highway - what to do??

    This has always been one of my fears towing the boat around on a single axle trailer - what do you do if one of your bearings decides to go half way to Seward? You don't have a luxury of a tandem axle setup to bail you out, and if the spindle is messed up (which it usually is at that point)...
  3. russiarulez

    Smittys Cove Marine Park?

    Someone told me that a guy got a $1,000 (yes $1K) ticket for spearfishing in Smittys Cove in Whittier because it is a Marine Park? Can't find any info on it being a Federal Marine Park, fishing regs don't say anything either. We go there to snag silvers every year in the fall. Just wondering...
  4. russiarulez

    Free tool to receive sonar count updates

    If you find yourself constantly checking the F&G sonar count website consider signing up to receive free dipnetting sonar count updates here This is provided as a free public service by the company I work for (NorthWest Data Solutions). I developed this web...
  5. russiarulez

    Antonov floatplane - perfect for bush work

    Too bad they never got to work up here and the only one is rusting away at Merril
  6. russiarulez

    Stinson almost eating some trees

    Don't have any details except that it is registered in Canada obviously.
  7. russiarulez

    Plane by Nelchina Glacier

    Went out riding at Eureka this past weekend and came by an overturned plane fuselage right by the end of the Nelchina glacier in the river (probably on a gravel bar). Appears to be a tail dragger, all metal covered (wings and fuse)with a metal frame inside. Side-by-side seating (might be 4...
  8. russiarulez

    Max trailer towing speed?

    I just took the CG Aux boating safety class and in the chapter about towing noticed that it lists the max speed for towing as 55 mph. I was never aware that there's a separate speed limit, and for the most cases stick to the posted speed limits when towing. The interesting thing is that today I...
  9. russiarulez

    Common sense/law on the water

    First I'd like to say that I try not to generalize this against any jetskiers, as I enjoy the sport myself occasionally and know several good people that are safe jetskiers. I was out on the Big lake this past Sunday (wanted to run my boat in fresh water at the end of the season) with some...
  10. russiarulez

    trying to get a hold of fish_ak

    Sorry to post this in the forum, but tried PMing fish_ak and the system says can't send PMs to him. fish_ak if you're reading this either reply here or PM me.
  11. russiarulez

    Suspension Seats

    Does anyone know where to get a small suspension seat similar to the picture in Anchorage? These are usually installed in lawnmowers or tractors. I tried getting them online but the shipping is through the roof or they just don't ship up here.
  12. russiarulez

    Rescue on the Twentymile

    I wonder if this was in the spring?
  13. russiarulez

    Fresh body of water between Seward and ANC?

    Is there any easily accessible from the highway body of fresh water between Seward and Anchorage where I can dip my trailer/boat and run the motor (while still on the trailer) after using it in salt?
  14. russiarulez

    Best trailer wheel bearings?

    I recall seeing someone on here suggest a brand of bearings to use instead of the cheap chinese ones, did a search and couldn't find that post. Could anyone suggest a brand of reliable bearings and where to get them in Anchorage? I just had to buy the whole new axle/hubs and everything for my...
  15. russiarulez

    Lookin for a center console

    I'm looking for a small center console. I checked out Dewey's and they have something like I need, but at $500+ I though it was a bit too much for a small console. What are other places in Anchorage to check out for a center console?
  16. russiarulez

    Tube repair

    I figured this would be a better thread for my question, rather than the power boat thread. I recently got myself a new project boat - an old Zodiac RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat). The tubes on it were vandalized/slashed, but otherwise its a nice little boat. So what is a good shop for inflatable...
  17. russiarulez

    Passengers survive fall from 3500 feet

    Was doing an unrelated search on google and this caught my eye: A Cessna 185 with incorrectly installed skis broke up in flight in Canada (back in 1997) and two back-seat passengers survived the fall (one with no injuries).
  18. russiarulez

    Polaris Tranny

    My buddy got a new 800 Polaris, I took it out to Jim creek today to play around. Couple of things that I didn't get - when I have the ATV in "AWD" mode, and put it in reverse, only the rear end works, and thats really annoying - got stuck because of that a couple of times. Also when in...
  19. russiarulez

    Legal consequences of overlimt

    I was having a discussion with a coworker today on the consequences of not recording or not properly recording/overtaking the limit on your dipnet permit. The only thing I could find is that you'll get a $100 fine. See this link under 5 AAC 77.540...
  20. russiarulez

    Shipping fish

    Wondering whats the best way to ship some fish to the lower 48? What's a good place around Kenai to have the fish processed and shipped?