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    sportsman vs horton? with wingx

    We are planning to install wingX this winter on our '73 A185F. We currently have a horton leading edge with the fences. Toying with the idea of installing sportsman at the same time, but trying to understand what that will gain us. I'm more concerned with performance on floats that wheels as...
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    left eyed, but right handed

    First off, I'm new to bowhunting. I used to shoot for hours on end when I was a kid in the backyard with a little 20lb recurve, but haven't touched one since then until this fall. I decided that I want to give bowhunting a try and I'm really excited about it. I know that I'm left eye...
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    2011 Alaskan Hunting Photo Gallery

    2011 Muskox 2011 Muskox First Muskox. It's great to have friends in northwestern places!
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    lights on a riverboat?

    I'm interested in putting some sort of lights on my Sea Ark for evening river running late in silver season and hunting season. I was thinking I would buy a set of offroad or driving lights and mount them up on the bow. Will this give enough light to safely navigate up/down rivers? I'm not...
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    Bent Drain Plug Hole

    I have an SeaArk 18' with the jet tunnel (the older rectangular tunnel - 2003 I think). There are drain holes on each side of the tunnel sitting down in the runners that go the full length of the boat. It looks like the drain holes are a 1" pipe that was welded into the bottom of the...
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    where to buy marine plywood and herculiner?

    Anyone have suggestions on where to buy marine plywood in Anchorage? Also, there was a lot of talk last year of using "herculiner" over the plywood floor. Where can I pick this up at? Thanks! Chris
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    4hp kicker enough for a 18' SeaArk?

    I have a 18' SeaArk 1872MVJT with a 85hp Yamaha. I have a yamaha 4hp 4stroke that I use with my whitewater raft to get across lakes. I'm toying with putting a kicker bracket on my SeaArk to use the 4hp in case the 85 dies on me. Will the 4hp push the boat at all or would I be wasting time...
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    tunnel extension?

    I have a 2003 SeaArk 1872JT with the factory jet tunnel. I have the leading edge of the jet foot pretty much lined up with the top of the tunnel and it runs awesome in smooth water and riffles, but when I hit any sort of standing waves (even small ~1 foot waves) it cavitates really badly. I...
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    flooring material for jon boat?

    I've got a Sea Ark 1872 open boat with nothing in it but the back bench, it's tiller steering. I'm contemplating swapping to a center console set up but want to change out the old wood flooring prior to doing that (and probably even if I don't swap). My question is what have people used for...
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    Where to buy Tikkas in Anchorage?

    Who besides Sportsman's Warehouse sells Tikka in Anchorage?
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    Tatshenshini Fishing?

    I'm planning to float the Tatshenshini in late July and was wondering whether or not to bring fishing gear. I imagine there will be kings in the river at that point, but it's probably way to silty to fish in the main river. Anyone know of any clearwater tributaries that might be worth a shot...
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    fly line for reds/silvers?

    What do people recommend as a good all around fly line for reds and silvers? floating, sink tip, full sinking, brands?... Thanks! Chris
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    Chulitna river float in May/ early June?

    Has anyone floated the Chulitna river this time of year? I've never been on it and would be interested in any info you have like float time (highway to highway), river levels, ice bridges, log jam problems, etc... Thanks, Chris
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    FS: Surly 1x1 Single Speed MTB

    I'm thinking about selling my Surly 1x1 single speed, it's in good shape, it is scratched up from normal use but rides like a cadillac! Steel is such a nice ride! I'm pretty sure it's a medium frame, 18". Black in color, TruVativ Stylo SS cranks, surly 1x1 hubs with RhynoLite rims, Salsa Moto...