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    Need help on purchasing kicker for pontoon!

    I'm wanting to mount a kicker on my one man pontoon. The pontoon is 9' long, about 55" across, and weighs 60 pounds. I'm not exactly sure with what size kicker to go with. I have found videos on YouTube of people running 2.5 hp-4 hp kickers on their pontoons. The 2.5 hp doesn't seem to make em...
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    Fly rod and reel

    Looking for 9wt or 10wt fly rod and reel. Must be left hand retrieve, if you gotta rod and reel you wanna let go of let me know. Thanks
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    Kenai predator hunting

    I'm gonna be trying my luck this winter at some predator hunting. I was gonna be checkin out spots from Nikiski, all the way out to Sterling and mystery creek rd area. Was wondering if anybody has had any luck so far this winter. And if anybody was in the area might have some tips, or areas...