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    Lose your chainsaw while moose hunting?

    Did you or someone you know leave your chainsaw behind after leaving a camp somewhere between Tanana and Ruby? If you can name the river, describe the camp and saw make and model, I’ll see about getting it back to you. PM me
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    Muzzleloader Safety/ Common Sense?

    So....I'm newer to muzzleloaders, but have completed the state certification course. I'm going to be hunting this fall/winter on the DM766 draw hunt and need some advice. So, I load with IMR White Hot and powerbelt bullets. Once I'm in my hunting area should I load up and just leave the...
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    Unit 20A Caribou (DC827)

    Hello, it's about time for me to go caribou hunting. I put in for (and won) the draw for DC827. I put in for this hunt because of the high success rate of the hunt. All my previous caribou hunting has been on the Haul Rd., from the road with my bow and with rifle running the rivers on my...
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    Saltwater Fish Taxidermy Suggestions

    Hello fellow saltwater anglers, built a new house last summer and have some room for 3-4 salmon mounts. Looking for recommendations for "reasonably" priced accurate salmon mounts in the Anchorage area or on the Kenai Peninsula. We aren't going to mount monsters just some good representative...
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    Alternative to Nosler partitiion for my 338 win Mag

    Looking for some advice. Last winter I bought a Tikka T3 in 338 Win Mag. I don't handload, but I have a buddy who will for me. I want to use Nosler Patition bullets in 225gr NOBODY HAS THEM IN STOCK. I've had them on backorder with Cabelas since last winter. Others like Midway USA are out of...
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    18/0 Halibut Hook Thru My Finger

    Out fishing 2 1/2 weeks ago and was attempting to remove the leader from a 115 lb halibut while it was harpooned and tied off to my boat. It came back to life and one of my sticky sharp hooks entered my index finger mid-way and came out the tip. Just happened to have a video camera running for...
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    Ankle Fit Hip Boots for Wife

    Hope someone can help. I have searched for years now for ankle fit hip boots that fit my wife's foot. She wears a men's size 4. She wore xtra tuff's sometimes and then regular hip waders last year on the North Slope and ended up with a nasty blister. I love my LaCrosse ankle fit and my...
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    Rainbow Fiberglass in Seward

    Looking for anyone's experiences dealing with this company, good or bad. PM Me if you prefer. The owner has a Ketchikan cell phone number. Seems like a nice enough guy. Name is Dave Phillips. Looking at having him replace my transom core. Thanks, John
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    Name this Shrimp

    Caught him this summer in PWS. Anyone know what he is?
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    "Practicing" for running the Ivishak for Caribou in a Jet Ranger

    I was looking for a good place to get some braided gravel river experience to practice for this fall's caribou hunt in my Alaskan Jet Ranger. Someone suggested the Skilak River leading up to the glacier. It DIDN'T disappoint. Lots of braids, boulders, skinny water, and crappy water...
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    PWS Salmon Sharks

    Hello all, Looking for some help. I've been wanting to try salmon shark fishing for several years now. I've got a friend who's just as hot about the idea as I am, so we're gearing up. We're looking for some catch and release action and one between our two boats to take home. We're comfortable...
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    Montague Island Kings

    Hello all, Headed out to the Southwest end of Montague for a week around May 18 to the 25th from Whittier. We're hoping to pick up some Kings. Checked out the Montague Island King article in Fish Alaska magazine late last year. Looking for any input, are we just too early, or should our...
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    New Cannon Mag 5 & 10TS Downrigger

    Not looking to join the manual vs electric discussion. I know I want Cannon electric. Cannon just changed up the product line and made some pretty big changes. The Mag 5 and 10 HS have been replaced by the Mag 5 and 10 TS. Quick change, easy access spools and some other things. I'm ready...
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    GPS lost on Naked Island

    Went hunting on Naked Island this September. (Didn't get one) But I did drop my yellow Garmin Etrex Venture HC after spotting a group of deer in the next valley over. We backtracked over and over and never found it. If someone has found it or sees it I'll buy them a beer (or six or twelve!)...
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    Need Help from Kodiak People

    Hello, We're coming over on the ferry on Sept. 11th to fish the road system. We're considering hooking up the ATV trailer and bringing it with us. I don't think we would want to have the trailer behind us 24/7 so I'm trying to figure out if there is somewhere I could drop the trailer for a day...
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    Should I take the ATV to Kodiak????

    Hello all, Looking for some advice. We're taking the ferry to Kodiak from Homer with the truck camper to spend a week fishing along the road system this September. Here's the dilemma, should I take the ATV and trailer. It would cost us another $352 to bring the trailer. Could someone...
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    Dungeness in Kodiak

    Hello folks with Kodiak Knowledge! Headed back to Kodiak City on the ferry this September from Homer with the truck camper. We're bringing an inflatable and outboard. Are there Dungeness Crabs available within a couple miles boat ride of the road system. I'm thinking the Pasagshak, Ugak Bay...
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    Shuyak Deer Hunt Strategy

    Hello all, Looking for some advice. If we get a good weather window we'll make the run from Homer to Shuyak again this August for more BIG halibut and silver action. Last year we saw a couple does on the beach. This year I think I'd like to try and take a buck home along with the fish...
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    Shrimp between Valdez Arm and Cordova

    Next week we're going to slow cruise for a week from Whiittier to Cordova along the nothern shore. I'm taking my shrimp pots and know where to shrimp west of Valdez Arm. Here's the question. Is it even worth dropping the pots to the east of Valdez Arm on the way to Cordova. I'm not into 10...
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    Farewell Bison Success

    We survived Deshka Landing to Farewell by snowmachine and I got my Bull. Thanks to everyone who provided advice, GPS tracks, we even had two different people give us satellite phones to take with us. Someone else provided an aviation handheld. We were well equipped and the heaviest loaded...