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    Tent stove

    My friend just ordered a stove from the very people Alaska Tent buys their tent stoves from. The price difference was $80 shipped to his door. He tried to buy it locally, but they would not deal for the 80 bucks. The distributor even told him what Alaska tent pays for shipping and for the stoves...
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    For those that care... Sweeney's in Soldotna now has the Helly Hanson Impertech 2 (camo) raingear in stock, I got mine yesterday. You have to ask for it as they don't have it on the shelf yet. Seems to be nice stuff.
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    Ice Fishing Shanty

    Here's one you might like.
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    Hi all, it has slipped my mind...when I am shooting uphill, do I hold high or low. I don't remember as it has been a while. I appreciate any help given, thanks in advance.
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    .338 ultra mag

    Hi all, I recently purchased a .338 ultra mag in the rem. 700. Do any of you own this caliber? What do you think of it's performance on our big game?