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    325 WSM ammo for sale

    2 boxes of Nosler AccuBond 200gr 3 boxes of Winchester XP3 supreme elite 200gr (-4 rounds fired ) $100 takes it all pm if interested-
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    Moose tape worms

    Just curious how many people are seeing these tape worm cysts in their moose meat, all of the last 5 moose we've harvested have these nasty little buggers. Seem to be worse on the bigger bulls but the little ones have them too. Used to think they were just fat balls but when you look close they...
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    New Packraft

    13 lbs, 10'6" long x 65" wide, optional drop stitch inflatable floor, couldn't find any specs on the fabric though. He's going to be at the Sportsmans show so maybe he'll bring one along.!product/prd17/4446789831/icraft-trekking-raft...
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    Forty-Mile River Water Levels?

    Mosquito fork - 6-24-14 West Fork 6-24-14
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    New Mudd-Ox

    Here's some pictures from our fishing trip to Chitna last weekend, had fun on the 8 wheeler and caught some fish too. So far I'm really happy with the new toy, I have a set of tracks for it but probably won't put them on until hunting season. It does very well with the stock tires.
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    New moose machine

    I've been planning on getting an Argo for the last year, I'm glad I waited. A couple of weeks ago I read about the Mudd Ox here on the forum and went and checked them out at "Alaska Mudd OX". I was very pleasantly surprised. The quality of the Mudd Ox is very impressive and everything looks...