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  1. elkmasterwyo

    Kodiak questions

    I'm planning a kodiak diy blacktail/caribou combo. I will have one guy along that's not in the best physical condition and also an 10 year old child, I don't want to make it too difficult for them (no August hunt when the deer are high). The main goal is to have a decent chance to hunt decent...
  2. elkmasterwyo

    Taking a 10year old caribou hunting?

    I posted this over on rokslide forums but would love to hear what you guys have to say also[emoji4]..... Well my son is almost 8, since he has been old enough to talk he has always wanted to go caribou hunting! We walked around the western hunting expo in SLC today and it was clear to me, with...
  3. elkmasterwyo

    Ballistic calculator question

    I recently bought a pair of Leica hdb binoculars. In the process of setting them up with the custom load data on the memory card. When I look at leicas ballistic calculator I notice there is no way to in put atmospheric data. It just says at the bottom that the chart will be based on 30.24 inhg...
  4. elkmasterwyo

    A first bear for my better half!

    My wife took her first bear last Wednesday. This is the first bear harvested over this particular bait in three years! We hunted from a ground blind for three nights before he showed himself during shooting hours! Can't explain how excited I was for her! [emoji199] Sent from my HTC One_M8...
  5. elkmasterwyo

    Over whites?

    Preparing for my first sheep hunt this August. Headed to the Chugach range on a backpack hunt. Just wanted to see what the best lightweight over whites are? Tyvek coveralls? What are you all using?
  6. elkmasterwyo

    Yet another plastic boot question?

    I bought a pair of koflach degre's for my Chugach range sheep hunt this year. I put a pair of super feet in them and heat molded them. Tonight was my second climb in them and man they hurt my feet! No hot spots or rubbing, they just make my feet/ankles ache like crazy after about 10 minutes of...
  7. elkmasterwyo

    Lathrop and Sons?

    Who has experience with them? I've been using Kenetreks, they are great for rocky mountains, elk, mule deer hunting. I recently returned from a mountain goat hunt in B.C. where we SIDEHILLED through shale slides which seemed like miles! My ankles were pretty bad shape from it. Its not kenetreks...
  8. elkmasterwyo

    Sheep drawing odds?

    Anyone have any info on where I could find some info on drawing odds for non resident dall sheep tags? Thanks in advance!
  9. elkmasterwyo

    Researching sheep hunts

    Hi guys, I'm trying to plan a dall sheep hunt. I'm looking into Steve Johnson's Ultimate Alaskan adventures. I'm interested in his backpack hunts. Anyone with any knowledge or experience with him and his hunts, I'd appreciate some feedback. Thanks in advance!
  10. elkmasterwyo

    how to keep em around?

    i'm looking for a way to keep bears at or around my bait after they've cleaned the bait out? i've had a big bear that if i'm one day late he'll have the bait cleaned out and won't be back for a week or so. does anyone have any trick to keep them there after they've cleaned the bait out?
  11. elkmasterwyo

    2010 Bear Baiting Picture Gallery

    Hit earlier this season
  12. elkmasterwyo

    Alaska Bush Adventures?

    Does anyone know anything about their brown bear hunting opperation? PM me with any feedback you may be able to offer
  13. elkmasterwyo

    Of baits and bears...

    Glad i'm not the only one that has a hard time guesstimating what to wear on stand. I had a marten on my bait also, but never when i've been on stand, glad you got to see yours.
  14. elkmasterwyo

    Chlorine in water

    So as i was walking to my bait today i was sipping on my water hose, and had a thought. Bears smell 2100x better than humans. Right? I have smelled the chlorine in my tap water before, especially in the spring when they are treating the runoff, so i guess what i'm getting at is would chlorine...
  15. elkmasterwyo

    Cheap anise spray

    A cheap way to make a great anise spray is to get some of these anise hard candies and boil them down in water, one bag makes about a quart of some potent anise spray, i picked up a bunch of these candies at wal mart for $.25 a bag. just thought i'd share
  16. elkmasterwyo

    any hits yet

    Just this guy, then i got snowed out and he cleaned my bait out and moved on :(:mad:
  17. elkmasterwyo

    sow in heat

    does anyone use sow in heat urine at their bait stations, and if so how do you use it, low shrubbry, high in a tree, away from the bait? thanks for any advice
  18. elkmasterwyo


    That big cinnamon black bear that i posted pics of left a few piles of this behind, we had a huge snowstorm and i got snowed out, he cleaned the bait out and took off. ever since then it's been really slow at my site, would this scat keep other bears from coming in, should i get rid of it?
  19. elkmasterwyo

    Any Guesses?

    got a little snow
  20. elkmasterwyo

    Any Guesses?

    a few more