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  1. Boone

    Safety Kit

    Tuning up the snowmachines this week got me thinking about reviewing my safety gear. What are some of the things you cary while on the trap line?
  2. Boone

    Getting Ready

    It will be my first year trapping and I'm more than excited. Attending the AFTA course Saturday and have been studying and getting gear ready. My daughter has her breakfast waffle on the old Tundra each morning asking when we're going to check the traps. Can anyone provide more information on...
  3. Boone


    What is the difference between the Alaska Trappers Association and the Alaska Frontier Trappers Association?
  4. Boone

    Moose Rack

    I have a Moose Rack and would like to hang it outside over a door at the cabin. How do I stain and seal it to resist years of weather? I've heard of using shoe polish but in sure there are other specific products better suited for this application. Thanks in advance for any information.
  5. Boone

    Snowshoe Shelf

    Just repurposed a pair of old snowshoes into a set of shelves for the cabin. I used a few pieces of unique, knotted birch and it turned out great.
  6. Boone

    Removing Oiler

    Just picked up a 2005 Ski-Doo Tundra. Should I remove the oiler and run mix gas? Thanks in advance for any input.
  7. Boone

    Generator Shed

    What are some ideas for venting a generator shed? I'm thinking of running the generator exhaust vent high on the wall and away from the roof eves. Would you place vents on surrounding walls low or high? Also, anyone use any basic fire protection methods (durarock or tile) around generator...
  8. Boone

    Firewood Drying Shed

    I've decided to build a firewood-specific structure at my cabin. After chatting with the owner of AK Fireplace and a little online research I settled on the pallet shed. I'll have about $200 total into foundation, metal roof and 5/16 bolts. Pallets are free. The structure should provide...
  9. Boone

    My Outhouse Build

    Pictures cont.... Pictures cont.... As seen in the photo, I put multiple holes for drainage in the bottom 3' of a 10' stick of 24" culvert. The culvert set & leveled. I lined outside the culvert with sewer rock the lower 3' of the pipe. Dirt work completed. I'll begin building the...
  10. Boone

    My Outhouse Build

    Just like classic car enthusiast sites, I'm beginning a build thread for my spring project: the cabin's new outhouse. I've been planning it for a few weeks and, with the help of a free online floorplanning site, I think I've settled on the design. I had a backhoe at the property this week and...
  11. Boone

    Stronger than Urethane?

    I'm applying 5 coats of urethane to T&G plywood flooring in my cabin. It's a very clear, bright finish, however, my dog's nails still leave scars in the wood. Is there a clear finish that is harder than urethane or am I relegated to a dozen coats?
  12. Boone

    Underground Propane

    All this discussion about frozen pipes made me think about my propane project scheduled for the summer. I plan on running black iron underground from my tank to where I'll have a propane heated hot tub approximately 50' from the tank. Anyone know how deep to lay the iron and any other special...
  13. Boone

    Heat in a conex?

    As part of my prepping I'm placing a conex behind my cabin. Has anyone put a heat source in a conex to maintain temperature? I'm thinking a vented propane heater and plumb it into my cabin's propane system...thoughts?
  14. Boone

    Dish Drying Closet

    I stumbled upon this when designing my cabin's kitchen area. It's a fantastic idea originally from Finland and removes the entire step of drying dishes. It reportedly saves Finnish homemakers 30,000 hours of work annually :lol: It is also popular in other European countries but, for the life...
  15. Boone

    Composting toilets in AK?

    I'm gathering ideas for an outhouse upgrade and ran across all different makes & models of waterless composting toilets. My cabin has no electricity and no water and I'm curious if these toilets have been used with any success in our winter temperatures. . . or are you asking for a giant...
  16. Boone

    waste water system

    What's a good system for a dry cabin waste water system? I've heard you can plumb a hose from the sink into a hole in the ground and let the grey water seep into the ground. Is this a year-round solution? How deep should the hole be?
  17. Boone

    Hand Pump?

    I'm thinking of mounting an old hand pump on my counter top. Can you simply run pex from the bottom of the pump into a bottle of water? Anyone know of where to get parts for old Sears pumps? I found one from the 30's that was on a dairy farm in NY and may need new internal parts. Any help...
  18. Boone

    Propane Chandelier

    Just installed Mr. Heater propane chandeliers in my cabin. Has anyone else hung these before? I couldn't figure it out with the kit provided so I welded a bracket and mounted as seen in the photo. Any other installs out there?
  19. Boone

    Propane Generators

    I'm close to plumbing my cabin for propane and am trying to brainstorm every possible feature I may want now and in the future. What are your thoughts on leaving a stub in the system for a propane generator? How far does the generator have to be from the tank?
  20. Boone

    Plumbing Contractor

    Looking for reccomondations on a plumbing contractor to plumb propane in my cabin. Anyone have a good experience with an outfit in the valley?