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  1. PatrickH

    Trespass Law Changes

    I don't post much anymore, but I have not seen anyone posting about Senate Bill 201/House Bill 375 that will remove the requirements for a "no trespass" signage. Originally it would have removed any posting requirements. In its current form it will remove section c (see below). The only signage...
  2. PatrickH

    Denali Highway Closure?

    I was wondering if anyone knows where to look to see when the Denali Highway will be closed for the winter. My son and I are thinking of doing a quick bear/ptarmigan trip this coming weekend or the following weekend. Also what are the current conditions? Thanks, Patrick
  3. PatrickH

    Hunting News

    This is unusual. A positive story about hunting on a major network:
  4. PatrickH

    EAA Chapter 42 Meeting

    The Anchorage chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association will be meeting Tuesday evening, 1/22, at 7pm at the Alaska Aviation Museum at Lake Hood, 4721 Aircraft Drive, Anchorage. Anyone with an interest in aviation is welcome.
  5. PatrickH

    Denali Highway Condition

    I am thinking about heading up to the Denali Highway out of Cantwell this weekend to try for some ptarmigan. Is it still open and accessible to highway vehicles? It looks like the McLaren River Lodge got some light snow, but the weather cam has not reported since yesterday. Thanks, Patrick
  6. PatrickH

    Bush flying nightmare on tape

    Check out the video of a Stinson 108 going into the trees. It is a testament to the toughness of the Stinson that everyone walked away from the crash. By looking at the wreckage you would think they all should have died. I bet they wished they had installed shoulder harnesses though. It raises a...
  7. PatrickH

    Medical Exam

    I used to get my 3rd class medical exam with my regular doctor, but he has stopped doing them. Does anyone have a recommendation for a doctor to see? Or you can PM me for a doctor to avoid. I am in Eagle River, so from Anchorage to Wasilla would be fine. Thanks, Patrick
  8. PatrickH

    Experimental Aircraft

    Hi, I just want to let anyone interested in expermintal/home built aircraft know that the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 42 will meet Tuesday, March 27, at Birchwood Airport at 7 pm. We will be looking at a nearly completed RV-6 kit aircraft. Anyone who has an interest in building...
  9. PatrickH

    BFR due date?

    I am a little confused about when my BFR is actually due. I did not have the required night flight time when I took my check ride because most of my training was during the summer. I got the night instruction five months after my check ride. Is the BFR based on the check ride or the issue date...
  10. PatrickH

    CFI with tailwheel

    I am looking for a CFI who has a C180 or other taildragger to do some refresher training. It has been 16 months since I have piloted a plane, so I need to dust off the cob webs. I don't own a plane yet, and finding someone with tailwheel plane has been difficult. Since I am a big guy (6'2" and...
  11. PatrickH

    tailwheel instructor

    Any recommendations for a tailwheel instructor at Lake Hood or Birchwood? It would be in my friend's plane. I just need a good tailwheel CFI. I would also like to know who to avoid. Patrick
  12. PatrickH

    Stinson CFI

    I am looking for a good CFI with a lot of time in a Stinson 108. I need a tailwheel endorsement and have a friend who will let me use his Stinson. I would prefer someone out of Birchwood, but anywhere in the general area would be OK. I also need to get three hours of night flight training at the...
  13. PatrickH

    Survival Kit Necessity?

    I read the Alaska State statutes AS 02.35.110 regarding carrying survival kits while flying. I did not see any qualifiers as to whom or when a pilot needs to carry the kit. Does the law require that all pilots, private or commercial, carry the kit at any time they are flying in Alaska? Would...
  14. PatrickH

    First Solo

    When I was a kid I remember thinking that flying your own airplane would be the coolest thing possible. Unfortunately it took another 40 years to have the ability to do something about it. I got flying lessons started last summer, but work got too busy and life too complicated. I had to take a...
  15. PatrickH

    P0RN forum???

    Moderators, You might want to check out the ATV and Bush Flying forums. Someone has posted some porn you might want to remove. It is not even outdoor porn! :eek: Don't know how to contact you otherwise.
  16. PatrickH

    Jim Creek in jeopardy?

    If you are using the Jim Creek area you may want to check out the BLM website. Much of what is now being used has been selected for conveyance to native corporations. Basicly anything that is not already conveyed to the state has been selected to go to the native corp. This includes everything...
  17. PatrickH

    Native Land Easement Meetings

    The BLM is working on 17(b) easments for the soon-to-be conveyed lands to native corporations. There are some meetings coming up around the state that (no surprise) fall during the main hunting seasons. See...
  18. PatrickH

    Merrill Field CFI

    I am looking for a good certified flight instructor with lots of tail wheel time who operates at Merrill Field in Anchorage. In addition it would mostly be in my own airplane for my private pilot's license. Thanks, Patrick
  19. PatrickH

    Handle Length for boat dippn

    I am going to try dip netting the Kenai from my boat for the first time. How long should the net handle be? How big of a hoop? I have dipped from the shore for years, so I have very long handles and big hoops. It seems they would be a problem from a boat. Thanks
  20. PatrickH

    Emergency Sat Phone Numbers

    A couple of years ago someone posted a list of emergency phone numbers for hunters using sat phones while in the bush. I tried to do a search for it but came up empty. What numbers should I have along while in the bush (fly in) in northern Alaska?:confused: