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    Hey ... don't forget about Eureka?!? My buddy and I were there on Sat. and are trying to not be snow-selfish. This was our second time there ... good snow and lots of untouched boondogging to be had. To the North up toward 4 Corners was decent then got thiner towards Monument and more...
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    Valdez ...any pinks at Allison Point yet?!?

    We have family plans to go to Allison Pt and catch and can pinks ... anybody heard if the pinks are being caught around Allison Point yet?? Thanks for any info.
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    Fiberglass repair

    My son bumped into the back of my snowmachine and my bumper struck his nearly new candy apple red fiberglass cowling and cracked it in several places. He was not going very fast but maybe at -23 fiberglass shatters more easily. Do you know anyone in the Valley that can nicely repair this...
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    Knik glacier

    Anybody been up the Knik river to the glacier yet this year? I thought with the recent snow the last couple days the that might be a decent trip. Anybody have any advise? And also the King River trail system. Anybody been up there on a snowmachine lately? Thanks
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    Hatcher Pass

    Was at Hatcher Pass yesterday AM ... about a foot of new snow and good Spring riding!! Better get it while it is still new and untracked!
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    Riding conditions/reports?

    Anybody go riding this past weekend? Heard that P-ville has some good snow(but don't know how far from parking lot) and that there is some okay snow on the back side of Hatcher's Pass in the Willow drainage. Can anyone give any details or eye witness reports? Thanks.
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    Riding Sat afternoon on 3/3??

    Anybody going riding tomorrow? I know it's a tad chilly but the light is good. I was thinking about exploring South of Eureka on the Nelchina glacier trail. Two weeks ago the snow was deep in the swamps and around the spruce trees South of the Glen Hwy and East of the Alascom Tower road.
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    Gun Sight Mtn

    Rode the lakes (Knob) and swamps on the South side of Glen Hwy below Gun Sight Mtn today. The snow was very, very soft and deep. Then rode up to Eureka Lodge and traveled North on the trail system. The trails were very nicely groomed but the snow and slopes were hard and wind blownt.
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    summit fan or freestyle backcountry

    I'm rather new to snowmachining and bought an 06 Summit 550 fan last year and love it to death. Now, I would like to have a machine for my wife. Do you think the Freestyle Backcountry would be better (than another 550 fan) since it is a little lighter and maybe easier to handle? What I'm...