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    1903a3 Scout Rifle

    Back in May my stepfather passed away and I inherited his Remington 1903a3 30-06. He had custom stock with a left handed cheek riser for it even though it was a standard right handed action. The stock made it awkward for me to shoot, so I brought it in to Alaska Custom Firearms to have a little...
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    Revolver porn

    There has been lust in my heart for Dan Wesson revolvers for years now, and after some horse trading last night I now own a DW 44 mag. this revolver has a SERIOUSLY sweet trigger <3
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    Bones from bear for my dogs

    I shot a plump black bear on Saturday and I’m taking the meat in to Glenn’s for processing. Would the bonesfrom the bear be ok for my dogs if I boiled them to kill any tricinosis? I figure boiling them them rather than baking will keep the bones from splintering
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    anyone familiar with .35 Shebal Magnum?

    A few days ago my stepfather passed away. He was an avid outdoorsman who retired from ADF&G after 30 years as a wildlife biologist. Between hunting, fishing, and pulling pots, he always kept the 2 freezers in our basement full back when I was growing up. He had lots of guns but most of his...
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    375 Ruger

    So I just made a swap for a Howa 1500 .375 Ruger stainless with a nice feeling rubberized Hogue stock. Can anyone chime in with their experience with this caliber?
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    Saddle Combos

    I managed to pick up a BFR revolver at the gun show this weekend and now each of my lever action rifles has at least one matching caliber handgun. :) 357 454 Casull 450 Marlin the BFR also has a 45-70 cylinder, so there may be a Marlin Guide Gun in my future.
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    Load selection for brown bear 450 Marlin

    Last spring I knocked over a little black bear sow with Hornady Leverevolution ammo for 450 Marlin. The bullet did the job, but shed its jacket, so I'm really not comfortable with the idea of using it on brown bear. I currently have two loads 450 Marlin - 420gn Cast Performance WLNGC 1800...
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    Lets start a 1911 debate!

    I have had more than a few 1911's and my favorite is one I no longer own - Kimber Eclipse Custom II 10mm I actually bought it from AGL4now a few years back and I truly regret selling it :( That Kimber actually made me shoot accurately, despite my bad habits and bad eyes, and it had the sweetest...
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    2016 Hunting Pics...

    I wonder why my first picture uploaded and now this one is being problematic.... Anyhow, here it is. The game cam took this just a few minutes before I shot the bear.
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    2016 Hunting Pics...

    I knocked over this sow off of the Susitna at 11pm Friday 05/27/2016
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    Which 450 Marlin load for black bear?

    Hornady FTX 325gr - 3570 ft lbs energy or Cast Performance WLNGC 420gr - 2850 ft lbs energy which load for black bear and why ?
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    anyone up for a vessel based black bear hunt out of Seward?

    I posted this in the Open Seat sticky, but figured there might be more visibility here - Looking to round up 3 people for 3 days of vessel based black bear hunting (and fishing) out of Seward on Memorial Day weekend. I chatted with the owner...
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    **Warning - Gun Porn**

    5x18 X-Sight digital day/night scope on my Kel-Tec RFB 308 with a co-witnessed red dot for close range quick shots. All set up for hunting in Florida this April. here piggy, piggy, piggy....
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    favorite 460 Rowland loads?

    I just picked up my 460 Rowland XD conversion from WWG last friday and while I was there i got two boxes of Corbon 230gr FMJ . Sometime this week I'll head out to the range and burn thru the factory loads and will have 40 cases to reload. I would love to hear what kind of loads are working best...
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    which 10mm ?

    I've decided to buy a 10mm, since I just sold one pistol I'm ready to fill that open space in my safe.... I can pick up an EAA Witness Compact NIB or a Glock 29 LNIB for the same price. Any suggestions on which one to get and why?
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    1911 45acp

    Both my 1911 45's are just under $1000.00 new and both are great for concealed carry. After market bells and whistles put them both just around/over that price The Para Warthawg has Hogue grips and XS-Big Dot night sights, and the Kimber Pro Carry II has Crimson Trace grips. Deciding which one...
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    Thinking of Dad on Father's Day

    The smell of Hoppes #9 always reminds me of days spent with my Dad. Childhood memories of weekends spent at the Birchwood range and evenings spent reloading and cleaning guns. Its' familiar smell is comforting, taking me back to a time when the world seemed so much simpler. So for me, the...
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    nightsights on a Warthawg

    Anyone have an idea of a ballpark price on what it would cost to have nightsights installed on a Para Ordnance Warthawg? I have been searching the internet and haven't managed to come up with anything.